Friday, September 23, 2011

Cruising the Web

Daniel Henninger points out that there are majorities waiting to pass true tax reform. There have been proposals out there that a bipartisan majority might support such as what was put forward in the Bowles-Simpson Commission. However, Obama would prefer his class warfare arguments instead of reaching for the success and legacy that he could garner by leading the efforts for a true pro-growth tax reform package.

Ah, now that's settled. The Ninth Circuit has ruled that, for purposes of the law, a year is 365 days. Good to know.

Here's some persuasive evidence that Barack Obama is the "most economically ignorant president" ever. Apparently, he's very determined that productivity is bad for economic growth and nothing Larry Summers or Christine Romer were able to say could convince him otherwise. No wonder he was blaming unemployment on ATMs.

Joel Griffith finds a clause in Obama's jobs plan that would require states to forfeit their 11th Amendment rights if they accept any federal financial assistance at all. What a gift for trial lawyers.

Obama might need to check out how the Buffett rule has worked in California.

I don't know if it's a good thing if the most memorable moment of the GOP debate last night was a dog poop joke (albeit a funny one). Gary Johnson justified his otherwise inexplicable presence on the stage last night.

My general impression from last night is that Rick Perry has gotten worse with each debate. He is not ready for totally predictable attacks and he is unprepared on too many questions. He stumbles even with what are clearly prepared attack lines on Romney. He hasn't demonstrated that he is ready to reach beyond his current jobs. His most heartfelt answer was when talked about being "lobbied" by a 31-year-old woman who had cervical cancer and who spoke with him begging him to require young girls to get the HPV vaccine. But it turns out that he met with the dying woman after he had already signed the executive order.

Some in North Carolina are wondering if it would hurt Rick Perry that he once denigrated North Carolina Barbecue by saying that he had had "road kill that tasted better than that." Sorry, I've lived in North Carolina for 28 years and have never been able to develop much liking for the state's vinegar-based barbecue. There's nothing wrong with a person preferring his home-state cuisine, so this is the least of Perry's worries.

UPDATE: Apparently, Gary Johnson plagiarized Rush Limbaugh's dog poop joke without giving him attribution. I'd give a kid a zero for doing that on a paper. Since Johnson's support was close to zero already, he may be deserving his poll numbers.

UPDATE II: He's denying he got it from Rush and is saying he got it from another talk-show host. So I'll cut him some slack, but he should have prefaced it by saying, "As I heard on the radio the other day..." or something like that. Perhaps Rush is the plagiarist....