Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cruising the Web

My hometown is number one!

Yet another reason to oppose another Obama stimulus plan. Here is one grant from the 2009 stimulus of over $760,00 to UNC Charlotte for its 'Dance Draw' project awarded by the National Science Foundation to attach RF transmitters to a dance to study their movement. Jobs created: 1.5.

Here's George Kaiser, the billionaire Obama fundraiser who owned a big chunk of Solyndra expressing his joy at all the money up for grabs from the first stimulus.
“There’s never been more money shoved out of the government’s door in world history, and probably never will be again, than in the last few months and in the next 18 months,” he says. “And our selfish parochial goal is to get as much as it for Tulsa and Oklahoma as we possibly can.”

Kaiser cites his “multiple trips to Washington” and his ability to secure meetings with “all the key players in the West Wing of the White House.” He also touts his “almost unique advantage,” through his foundation, of being able to match public dollars with private funding. That way, Kaiser says, the Obama administration will know “we’ll watch over it because we don’t want to be embarrassed with the way our money is spent and so we won’t make you be embarrassed with the way your money is spent either.” Watch the video.
This video should go viral.

Here's the difference
between how private companies and government treats money.
U.S. Justice Department agencies spent too much for food at conferences, in one case serving $16 muffins and in another dishing out beef Wellington appetizers that cost $7.32 per serving, an audit found.

“Some conferences featured costly meals, refreshments, and themed breaks that we believe were indicative of wasteful or extravagant spending,” the Justice Department’s inspector general wrote in a report released today.

The inspector general reviewed a sample of 10 Justice Department conferences held between October 2007 and September 2009 at a cost of $4.4 million, a period that included the administrations of Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Barack Obama. The Justice Department spent $73.3 million on conferences in fiscal 2009, compared with $47.8 million a year earlier, according to the report.
The Atlantic has more.
... conference attendees received Cracker Jacks, popcorn, and candy bars at a single break that cost $32 per person, including service charges and indirect costs... [There was also] a "deluxe" ice cream assortment that cost $10 per person including service charges and indirect costs... When one event planner applied an approved 15-percent indirect cost rate to the price of food and beverages at a conference, the cost of one soda increased from $4.84 to $5.57.
Apparently, it's just impossible for the Justice Department to throw a conference and put out a few sandwiches and coffee.

Poor Barack is finding the presidency a "heavy burden." That was one reason why he was content to see many in his economic team leave. He wanted to get a new group in there who hadn't seen his uncertain displays under pressure in the beginning of his presidency. It's a bit different approach than Theodore Roosevelt who called the presidency "a glorious burden."