Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cruising the Web

What a surprise! There's a correlation between state legislatures dominated by Democrats and a highly unionized public-sector workforce and the state having to pay higher interest rates for their state bonds. Those states must pay nearly half a percentage point higher on their bonds. The bond markets know worse deals than we see them. No wonder Obama wants to bail out those states. He sees them as too big to fail.

The Obama team is rushing to counter the impression that his policies have been anti-Israel. And they're really hoping that Jews today don't vote solely based on a candidate's stance on Israel. They're probably right about that when it comes to most Jews. I suspect that the Orthodox Jews in New York District 9 were not representative of the great number of Jewish voters. However, voting for Obama doesn't necessarily mean sending him money.

Victor Davis Hanson puts his finger
on why we're starting to hear criticism of Barack Obama from the left. It isn't really because he has failed to advance liberal policy choices. He's definitely done that. And it's not really because he hasn't been a serious attack dog against Republicans. He does that all the time. No, the real problem is that his poll numbers have sunk. His numbers are sinking even in deeply blue states. The public doesn't seem to like the leftist policies he's enacted and is trying to enact. And the Left can't deal with that reality so they look for reasons to blame Obama.

Megan McArdle has the simile to explain why Obama's proposal to fund his Stimulus Jr. bill through increased taxes is such an abysmal idea.
Providing stimulus through payroll tax cuts that are financed with tax hikes on other people is like trying to boost your household income by making your wife pay you to mow the lawn.
The top ten tweets ridiculing Obama's new AttackWatch site for people to post links and pictures of those conducting lèse-majesté by daring to attack The One.

Forget his claims to the contrary. Obama's presidency has brought about a "regulatory tsunami."
The report says the Obama administration has "imposed 75 new major regulations costing more than $380 billion over ten years." In addition, the report says there are 219 more "economically significant regulations" in the works which will cost businesses $100 million or more each year -- for a minimum cost of $21 billion over ten years. The number of pages in the Federal Register, in which such rules are recorded, is increasing rapidly, the report says, and "pages devoted to final rules rose by 20 percent between 2009 and 2010, and proposed rules have increased from 2,044 in 2009 to 2,439 in 2010."
But still Obama is clueless about why businesses are not hiring.

For all Obama's please to pass his Stimulus Jr. bill RIGHT NOW, Harry Reid is in no hurry to bring it up. He has other priorities: FEMA, trade bills, and Chinese currency. Somehow, the President's message didn't get through to him.

Former Democratic Congressman, Martin Frost, blasts Obama's proposal to pay for Stimulus Jr with tax increases.
Whatever the reason, the emperor is not wearing any clothes and his friends need to tell him that now.
So now Demorats are starting to notice what Republicans have been saying since Obama still burst on the scene.

Democrats Mary Landrieu and Jim Webb also come out against Obama's Stimulus Jr. plan.

The White House ignored warnings
that the long-term care insurance part of Obamacare was not going to be financially stable. They knew it was a "recipe for disaster" yet they jammed it through Congress.
The emails show that the first warning about CLASS came in May 2009, from Richard Foster, head of long range economic forecasts for Medicare. "At first glance this proposal doesn't look workable," Foster wrote in an email to other HHS officials, some of whom were working with Congress to get CLASS into the health care law.

Foster said a rough outline of the program would have to enroll more than 230 million people — more than the U.S. workforce — to be financially feasible.