Tuesday, August 02, 2011

When Democrats eschew euphemisms

In the Democratic version of the "New Civility," Democratic congressman Mike Doyle and Vice President Joe Biden can refer to the GOP negotiators as terrorists. (Biden later denied it, but in so denying implied that the GOP were holding a nuclear weapon that they were threatening to detonate.) Chris Matthews can call tea party Republicans terrorists kidnapping a baby. Many journalists adopted the tone of referring to conservatives who opposed various versions of the debt-ceiling deal as unhinged, irrational hostage-takers. Nancy Pelosi can talk of Republicans going to the "dark side."

With all this heated language denigrating conservatives and the tea-partiers, let's not forget that those speaking are of the party whose Secretary of Homeland Security calls acts of terrorism "man-caused disaster." So actual killing people is not terrorism. Fighting to lower federal spending - now that is the true opportunity to drop the euphemisms and bring out the terrorism label.