Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The stimulus was never really about jobs

And isn't this heartening? A federal grant from the stimulus of almost half a million dollars went to Nevada to plant trees. Jobs created? 1.72. All that money got one full-time temporary job and 11 short-term jobs. They now claim that the grant was never about creating jobs but for improving natural resources in Nevada.
So in effect only 1.72 permanent jobs were created.

The stimulus also resulted in the planting of hundreds of trees - with critics scornfully suggesting that is the only good thing to come out of the stimulus project.

'Looking at the failure of the stimulus to live up to its promises, not just in Nevada, but throughout America, I think the question becomes ‘is there any good use of stimulus money?' said Douglas Kellogg, communications manager for National Taxpayers Union, in an email to

But a Nevada state official says job growth was never the aim.

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'If the question is "was this a job-creating project?" the answer is "no, it wasn't,"' said Bob Conrad, public information officer for the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

'It was one of a number of projects that we do believe helped improve natural resources in the state.'

Conrad said the $490,000 is being used for a number of projects. Those projects include tree inventories, salaries for staff at the nurseries through the Nevada Division of Forestry, plant material and plant supplies.

'The goal obviously was to make trees available to local government entities, parks, schools, things like that, at our state nursery,' said Conrad. 'We basically grew and provided about 2,000 trees to these local entities.'

But the stimulus was sold as building up the economy and creating jobs. We were told that unemployment would climb to 8.5% in 2009 and 9% in 2010 without the stimulus. Oops. I'm sure they're sorry about that projection.

But the stimulus wasn't sold as a necessity to improve natural resources in Nevada. Instead, it became a grab-bag of all sorts of liberal wish list proposals that had been lying around for years and could be gathered up and stuffed into the stimulus bill and sold to America as a way to improve the economy.

No wonder that it has failed so miserably at fighting unemployment. It was never meant to. But at least Nevada got a bunch of trees. Mission accomplished.


Rick Caird said...

I believe Obama and his crew believed the economy would recover normally and this stimulus, like the Patriot Act, was designed to fulfill a wishlist rather than have any actual affect on the economy. They just used the argument about helping the economy as cover justification for spending the money.

No one with any knowledge of government believed "shovel ready". For a project to be "shovel ready", it must already be funded. Pelosi, Reid, and Obama knew they were lying.

Pat Patterson said...

The Ents would have worked for free.

ic said...

You right wing nuts refuse to acknowledge the cascading effect of the future jobs created: build a pipeline to direct water from the Colorado, or Lake Meade to water the trees. Pipelines don't build by themselves, you know? A whole lot of construction workers will have to dig ditches to bury the pipeline, steel workers (from China) will manufacture the pipes, mine workers (from China) will mine the Australian mines for the iron to make the steel, and so on. You short sighted money pinchers must take a looong view. Back in the State of Nevada, casino workers whose casinos are no longer visited by the wasteful conventioneers and good for nothing over weighted fly over country gamblers will be re-educated (I mean retrained) to hold water hoses to water the trees. Imagine three shifts of union paid hosers with govt paid benefits and Obamacare. Bet those former casino workers never got so good from those blood sucking private jet flying casino CEOs. On top of that, the half mil created enough votes to keep Reid in the Senate. The best thing was to defeat a racist mean TeaParty white racist old woman. It was the most effective spending of the taxpayers' money.