Friday, August 19, 2011

Obama projects his own attitude onto the Republicans

Charles Krauthammer is in splendid form as he ridicules Obama's excuse-making about the run of bad luck that has somehow prevented his splendid economic policies continuing the economic growth that Obama tells us he had started with all his stimulus spending and health care reforms. After making those ludicrous claims, Obama then goes on to say that Republicans are trying to ruin the nation's economy just for their base political motives.
His economic recovery was ruined not just by acts of God and (foreign) men, but by Americans who care nothing for their country. These people, who inhabit Congress (guess which party?), refuse to set aside “politics” for the good of the nation. They serve special interests and lobbyists, care only about the next election, place party ahead of country. Indeed, they “would rather see their opponents lose than see America win.” The blaggards!

For weeks, these calumnies have been Obama staples. Calumnies, because they give not an iota of credit to the opposition for trying to promote the public good, as presumably Obama does, but from different premises and principles. Calumnies, because they deny the legitimacy to those on the other side of the great national debate about the size and scope and reach of government.

Charging one’s opponents with bad faith is the ultimate political ad hominem. It obviates argument, fact, logic, history. Conservatives resist Obama’s social-democratic, avowedly transformational agenda not just on principle but on empirical grounds, as well — the economic and moral unraveling of Europe’s social-democratic experiment, on display today from Athens to the streets of London.

Obama’s answer? He doesn’t even engage. That’s the point of these ugly accusations of bad faith. They are the equivalent of branding Republicans enemies of the people.
Those are accusations of betraying our country even if they don't use the word treason. And Obama's insults totally belie the actual facts. And it is clear who is really putting politics ahead of the good of the country.
The charge is not just ugly. It’s laughable. All but five Republican members of the House — moderate, establishment, Tea Party, freshmen alike — voted for a budget containing radical Medicare reform knowing it could very well end many of their careers. Democrats launched gleefully into Mediscare attacks, hardly believing their luck that Republicans should have proposed something so politically risky in pursuit of fiscal solvency. Yet Obama accuses Republicans of acting for nothing but partisan advantage.

This from a man who has cagily refused to propose a single structural reform to entitlements in his three years in office. A man who ordered that the Afghan surge be unwound by September 2012, a date that makes no military sense (it occurs during the fighting season), a date not recommended by his commanders, a date whose sole purpose is to give Obama political relief on the eve of the 2012 election. And Obama dares accuse others of placing politics above country?

A plague of bad luck and bad faith — a recalcitrant providence and an unpatriotic opposition. Our president wrestles with angels. Monsters of mythic proportions.

A comforting fantasy. But a sorry excuse for a failing economy and a flailing presidency.


equitus said...

Mr. K. is spot on again.

Charging one’s opponents with bad faith is the ultimate political ad hominem. It obviates argument, fact, logic, history.

This is exactly the kind of argument we get here consistently from mark.

Sure, I respect healthy debate and differences of opinion. But it's very hard to maintain any level of respect for mark and other left-leaners.

So I resort to ridicule. Helps me get through the day.

mark said...

Republicans are the true masters of "obviating" fact and logic.

A few examples:
-invading Iraq (I think everyone here knows it was a mistake. Admitting that thousands of soldiers and children were killed based on lies and incompetence would be too painful to acknowledge.)

-the disgraceful meltdown over the mosque near ground zero

-accepting creationism and evolution as equal theories

-climate change as a hoax

-fighting the battle for the Koch brothers and Grover Norquist even though it is against your interest.

A recent column by Krauthammer (I don't think it was posted here) outlined almost exactly what I have been saying over the past two year over regaining a semblance of fiscal order (missing since Clinton) And yes, it called for an increase in revenues. Common Sense.

I have not defended Obama here much of late because he's not done much worth defending. The repubs "won" the debt ceiling fight with an immoral budget, and Obama caved.
The only way people here can defend it is to use words like "undeserving" and "parasites" to label recipients of aid programs.
At a repub debate, all candidates rejected a hypothetical proposal with a 10:1 cuts/revenue ratio.

I wish repubs could have brought some intelligent candidates to the forefront instead of bad jokes like Perry and Bachman. Is Mittens really going to be the repub choice for the non-crazy.

Equus - the only way you could insult me is to agree with me.

Pat Patterson said...

An "...immoral budget...?" That must be one of those Dean Woermer double secret items that only he and mark know about. But the rest of us are stuck with the Declaration and the Constitution which only describe man's natural rights as moral not the 2012 budget.

equitus said...

Thanks, mark! I know I can count on you to demonstrate my point.