Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MSNBC is left to playing its last card

Here's an example of how MSNBC covers a Republican. Breitbart TV has caught Ed Schultz selectively editing a Rick Perry speech to imply that he's using racist code language to say that Barack Obama is a "black cloud" over America. But if you watch the full speech, you'll realize that Perry was saying that the national debt was the "black cloud" hanging over America.

Oh, and by the way, back in December 2009, Obama has himself used the metaphor "dark cloud" hanging over America's ability to speak about human rights when he was talking about the prison at Guantanamo, a prison that he has had to acknowledge that he can't close now. But Ed Schultz is so eager to play the race card that he'll blatantly edit the tape and then foment about the supposed racial remarks that they've just created themselves.

This deception is an indication of how desperate the Obama supporters are that they're reduced to manufacturing an opportunity to whip out the racial card. That's all they have left.

Rick Perry seems prone to say enough questionable things by himself without MSNBC having to make things up. The fact that they are manufacturing outrage over his supposed racial code language indicates how worried they are. If they had their way, they'll selectively edit any use of any synonym for black or dark will suddenly become an opportunity to foment outrage over using racial slurs to attack our nation's first black president. Desperation.

UPDATE Ed Schultz acknowledged his deceptive editing last night. But in his expression of regret he neglected to tell his viewers that he used the deceptive editing to call Perry a racist. Schultz wants to accuse Perry of using dog-whistle racist rhetoric against Obama, but Schultz and MSNBC are the real dog whistlers trying to tell their viewers that Republicans who oppose Obama are all racists all the time.