Wednesday, August 03, 2011

How the Democrats are selling this deal

John Hinderaker posts the letter that the Senate Democratic Policy & Communications Center is sending out to their members with the talking points about why the debt-ceiling increase deal was a good thing. Their first point that they proudly make is that the Senate won't have to do any stinkin' budget resolution for the next two budget years. They can just "deem" it to have been passed with the aggregate figures in the deal.
The compromise expected to pass today, in effect, “deems” a budget resolution passed for each of the next two fiscal years. This effectively sets the top-line spending levels–the so-called “302(a) allocations–for both FY 2012 and FY 2013. These top-line levels are specified as follows: $1.043 trillion for FY 2012, and $1.047 trillion for FY 2013. These figures represent a reduction of $7 billion and $3 billion, respectively, in budget authority, relative to FY 2011 levels.
Well, that gets them out of a lot of work, doesn't it? No messy details that they can get criticized for later. Of course saving $7 billion or $3 billion from the 2011 baseline is no big shakes. We're still on an unsustainable track.

They then go on to brag that 50% of the cuts will come from spending on "security." That's what they're proud of. So, to summarize: they're happy that they won't have to pass budget resolutions before the election and they're proud of cutting security funding. Great.