Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cruising the Web

The Obama team is still hoping that they can "pull a Reagan." Just one problem - with Reagan the recession ended and the economy came back strong. That led to Reagan's landslide victory in 1984. Without that sort of economic recovery, Obama will be fighting a closely-run election with his main hope resting on the Republicans' ability to screw things up. Sadly, that is not a vain hope.

Robert Smith writes
on how the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights is ordering colleges and universities to set new standards for prosecuting charges of sexual assault. Without any hearings whatsoever, the DOE has gotten colleges to lower their standards of proof in such cases and resolve the charges in 60 days. It is troubling to see students' rights in hearings so limited without due process.

For all his talk about trying to take into account the costs and benefits of federal regulations, President Obama is obscuring all the many regulations that his administration is formulating that will cost the economy billions of dollars. But he acknowledges that seven proposed regulations could cost a total of $109.5 billion. And that is without even including all the Obamacare and Dodd-Frank regulations coming down the pike.

But here is one costly regulation that the Obama administration is scrapping - the mandate that communities replace hundreds of thousands of street signs in order to change the font that they used and to meet new retroreflectivity standards.

All the liberal groups are getting really scared at the thought that Rick Perry could become the next president. His candidacy hits every liberal piety. The plus side from their point of view is that he would fire up their base and perhaps help disenchanted liberals to get pumped up as Barack Obama wouldn't on his own.

Rick Perry is having to defend a 1993 letter he wrote as Texas Agriculture Commissioner praising Hillary Clinton for her efforts to reform the health care system and asking her to be sure to consider the nation's farm workers who are often uninsured. Though it would be difficult for Romney to use that letter to attack Perry with Romney's own history of Romneycare. But perhaps Bachmann or Santorum can take up the cudgels and thus help Romney out by dinging Perry.

Despite all of Harry Reid's efforts, solar energy and green jobs just aren't providing the sort of jobs promised by Democratic politicians in Nevada.

This is probably not a coincidence. As the federal government is attempting to do more and more, public opinion of the federal government is sinking to a new low.

And, in honor of my all time favorite singer/songwriter whose birthday it is today: Van the Man performing for The Band's Last Waltz:
They just don't come better than this. I could start every morning with a healthy dose of Van. In fact, I usually do. As students enter my class to wait for first period, I introduce them to the magic that is Van Morrison. At least they'll learn something important from me.