Monday, August 29, 2011

Cruising the Web

Gee, is there anything to like about the new MLK memorial? Now it turns out that they were selectively editing some of the quotes and, with at least one quote, it definitely altered the meaning.

How "Obama's regulatory flood is drowning economic growth."

Timothy Carney presents a defense
of "price gouging."

Several people have done this, but Peter Wehner presents a very comprehensive answer to Jonathan Alter's challenge to explain why Barack Obama has been such a bad president.

And, in answer to another pretentious columnist, Emanuele Ottolenghi answers Fareed Zakaria's claim that parliamentary democracies have kept their triple A rating by pointing out that Japan was downgraded last week.

And for the trifecta of answering liberals, Mark Hemingway responds to Congressman John Lewis's editorial that Voter ID laws are a new type of poll tax. Doug Mataconis also weighs in to explain why Congressman Lewis is wrong. And it's shameful to cry racism and the return of Jim Crow for such voting requirements.

This past decade has seen a great migration from big-government blue states to low-tax red ones. I'm sure it's all a coincidence.

Obama tells his supporters that they'll get change they can believe in - next term. Will they be fooled again?

Ross Douhat explains
why Mitt Romney doesn't need to panic...yet.

More evidence that millions of people won't be able to keep their health plan under Obamacare.

James Q. Wilson ponders why
, contrary to what many expected, lawbreaking hasn't risen despite sustained high numbers of unemployment.

Steve H. Hanke and Stephen J.K. Walters explain
how the "Curley Effect" is killing Baltimore.

Is there really any correlation between academic success and success as president?

And what does a letter that Obama wrote in 1990 as president of the Harvard Law Review and published in an independent Harvard Law Record reveal of his writing ability?

Noted advocate of higher taxes for the super-wealthy, Warren Buffett, is a tax scofflaw with his own firm's taxes. Oh, and taking on the Cult of Warren Buffett.

More evidence that Pat Robertson is a jerk.

Explaining why Washington, D.C. really likes itself.

As always, Hot Air is a site worth visiting and reading several times a day. Here are a couple of blinks:

Check out the contrast between the behavior of union protesters and school children at Messmer Preparatory Catholic School where Governor Scott Walker was visiting.

Ed Morrissey wonders why the MSM is so ignorant about religion.

Steven Hayward wonders if the environmentalists ever tire of hypocrisy.

Here are some of the more outrageous Maxine Waters quotes.

John Hawkins interviews Mark Steyn
about Steyn's new best-selling book.

Taxpayers win a victory
against their town government's plan to build a new $1.5 million office building.