Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cruising the Web

Even one of Obama's big boosters in the media, Jonathan Alter is now saying that the president is not "intellectually curious." Now he tells us.

I'm all for strict discipline in schools, but somehow I don't think that giving students tickets and sending them to court for ordinary disciplinary infractions is the answer.

The FCC kisses the Fairness Doctrine good-bye. Good riddance.

The New York Times comes out against
the Canadian Keystone XL pipeline to the United States. Apparently, they'd prefer that their oil go to China rather than have it going here and establishing jobs here. A pipeline is going to be built whatever we decide. It is only its destination that would change.

The MLK Memorial in Washington is now open. I'm sorry, but that is a particularly ugly and uninspiring statue. that they chose for the Memorial. And why did they have to pick a Chinese artist?

Here's a new career option for philosophy majors. They can become counselors who engage their patients in philosophical debate to learn from philosophers rather than taking antidepressants. Psychotherapists are not happy about this trend.

Advice Obama should take
: "when he gets back from vacation, he might do well looking at his own administration, instead of simply blaming the lack of jobs on the Republicans."

Well, when has this not been true for Obama? Is Obama's secret plan really just an outline? But good news! Romney also has a secret plan that he'll release around the time that Obama lets us know his plan. Romney at least has an excuse - he's not in the government now.

Byron York points out that the deficit we're facing today came from spending, not entitlements. Entitlements are our long-range crisis. Spending today is our present-day problem.

Joe Biden opens his mouth again and gets into trouble when he tells the Chinese that he's not "second guessing" their one-child policy. Does he understand what the Chinese have done in pursuit of that policy? Why doesn't he think that that policy is worth "second-guessing?"