Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cruising the Web

Obama's proposals on increasing rural employment are being criticized for just shuffling resources around. Hey, when nothing else is working, you can always shuffle the deck chairs on the Titanic

It doesn't seem that Obama's Midwest tour is fooling Midwesterners that it's a nonpolitical trip.

Oops. Yet another gaffe by Perry. He criticized a regulation that doesn't actually exist.

Michael Barone gives an interesting history of Truman's 1948 election and explains why it would be hard for Obama to be the new Truman next year. I'd forgotten that the Berlin airlift took place during that campaign.

Well this really isn't top secret: anonymous officials say that David Plouffe and William Daley would like the President to blame the Republicans for opposing his ideas for job creation and to accuse "Republicans of putting party before country." Hey, I thought we weren't supposed to question the patriotism of our political foes. Yet again, let's pause and remember how far we are from that image that Obama tried to portray since 2004 as being above petty partisan politics.

James Taranto notices that the New York Times is advising Obama to go through the five stages of grieving. Though they seem to end up back at the first stage at the end of it all.

Oh, those Democrats! They have some crazy ideas about how to increase employment. Tom Vilsack seems to think that food stamps are economic stimulus that are "putting people to work." And Jay Carney agrees! Following that logic, we should really be expanding the food stamps program and soon we'll have full employment.

Yet another story of a "green jobs" program doing practically nothing to create actual jobs.

Jennifer has a great metaphor for Mitt Romney.
We should not forget Mitt Romney, who is taking on the role of the nice-guy, best friend in a romantic comedy. The potential suitors turn out to be flakes or cads, and the audience begins to wonder, “Well what about that guy?” It is possible that the other candidates will implode, newcomers won’t materialize and a large chunk of the GOP electorate will drift back to Romney. (“Romney’s supporters believe that the Bay Stater’s tortoiselike strategy will play to one of his essential strengths — durability over the long haul — and show Republican primary voters that he’s best prepared to go up against a vulnerable incumbent president,” Politico says.) That’s what he and his team hopes, at any rate.
Well, sometimes, it's the least objectionable guy who wins out in the end. In fact, that's what usually happens in politics. I know that's how I usually feel when I go to vote.

The Wisconsin teachers union has to lay off 40% of their staff. That's what happens when they don't get the automatic dues taken out of paychecks and sent to off to the unions. That was the real core of their anger at the labor reforms instituted in Wisconsin. Maybe all the money that the unions spent on the recall election could have been better spent in paying their own employees.

Politico doubles down on its story that Joe Biden comparing members of the GOP House acting like "terrorists." They note that the vice president's office has never asked for a retraction of the story and that they had multiple sources who gave them the story right after that closed-door Democratic meeting.

What classic novels do you think are greatly overrated? Here are some suggestions from a few literature critics. I haven't read a lot of the English classics, but I agree with the nomination of Tess of d'Urbervilles and Jude the Obscure. Any other nominations?

Philip Klein notes that even President Obama is acknowledging, in a roundabout way, that Obamacare won't control health care costs. Remember how, at the time of the debates over Obamacare, the Democrats all claimed that, if enacted, it would control health care costs and famously bend the cost curve down. Of course, critics at the time noted all the phony accounting gimmicks in the bill to hide how much it was going to cost. And now that it is law, we're starting to find out, as Pelosi promised us we would, what is actually in the bill and how it's increasing health care costs. Just remembering all of this reminds me again why Mitt Romney is not the man to carry the fight to Obama on this horrible bill.

John Hinderaker wonders why
the media gets all excited about fake accusations of terrorism against the tea party but largely ignores actual violence committed by union members against those opposing unionization.

Oh what a surprise! Obama makes another totally bogus claim for his administration's accomplishments while telling lies about recent history. He is claiming that his administration's bailing out of GM and Chrysler has led to their "making a profit for the first time in decades." Apparently, he believes that these companies have failed to make a profit for decades yet still stayed in business and were worth spending billions to bail out.