Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Cruising the Web

Finally, some MSM refutation of the idea that it was the tea party freshmen who forced the Republicans to their position in the debt ceiling negotiations. Only half of the Republicans who ended up last week opposing Boehner's bill were members of the House Tea Party Caucus. The great majority of the GOP freshmen supported Boehner's bill. But the media and Democrats are so enamored of the idea that the tea partiers are "terrorists" holding the Republican Party and U.S. budget hostage that they didn't bother to check their facts.

Michael Barone and the National Journal have looked at who was more likely to vote for the final deal and they determined that those who voted for were more likely to be from swing districts while those from safe districts were more likely to oppose the bill. The pattern was more notable for Democrats than for Republicans. In other words, those with a safe district were more likely to vote no if they came from Democratic safe districts. Barone points out that this trend is the reverse of the votes on TARP when those from swing districts were more likely to oppose the bill.

It's pretty sad for Obama when the New Jersey Star Ledger wishes that Obama had the guts of their governor.

If you haven't read this behind-the-scenes story of the mission to get Bin Laden, you should head on over and read it.

Walter Williams has an easy method to help people get more jobs: end the restrictive licensing provisions that are barriers for people to form their own businesses providing services such as braiding hair, providing interior decorating services, driving jitneys, or providing tour services. Why should you need a government-issued license and six years of education and experience to be an interior director or take hundreds of hours of expensive classes in order to provide eyebrow threading? As Williams writes, these are just laws put up by those already in business to keep others out of the business.

Another politician has to resign because of sending out pictures of his crotch. What is it with these guys? He is blaming his political enemies for setting him up. Hmmm. Wouldn't it be easy to thwart such enemies if you just don't send out pictures of your crotch? Job accomplished.

So Obama is going to pivot, yet again for the 16th time, to jobs. What does he have to offer that he didn't have before when he had control of both houses of Congress? All he will have is rhetoric to demonize Republicans for not going along with his proposals that didn't work when he implemented them for the three years? Think of how many jobs he could instantly create if he allowed more drilling in the Gulf and the construction of the Canadian pipeline to the Gulf of Mexico.

The GOP is ready to fight back against such accusations that they're the do-nothing Congress on jobs with ads like this.
At least the GOP has learned that they need to block Obama from making any recess appointments. Since we no longer have to worry about 18th century travel woes in getting a Congress back to the capital to vote, isn't it about time that we scrapped once and for all the recess-appointment privileges of the President?

Timothy Carney has some more examples
of government exercising petty tyranny including how DC residents are getting tickets for mixing recyclable goods with their regular trash. You can get fined over $100 if you mix in cans with your trash instead of recycling them or if you put out something too large to be picked up by the garbage truck. It used to be that they just left the couch you put out for the garbage. Now you get a fine. Even if someone else put the couch out by your trash. And don't even try to volunteer to clear away debris to help out tornado victims without a government permit.