Monday, August 01, 2011

Cruising the Web

Time Magazine has six reasons why the European debt crisis will go on...and on...

Watch this video by the Israeli Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon to explain why the term of "occupied territories" is misleading. It's a clear, entertaining, and honest explanation and counters all the deceptions that we've heard for so long.
Andrew Ferguson writes his usual sparkling prose as he takes on the fatuous claims to a New Civility by Obama's head of the NEH, Jim Leach.

Illinois's high tax policies drive another company to move out to another state. This time it's the company that runs the Chicago Board of Trade.

Joel Kotkin explains how Los Angeles lost its economic mojo. And don't bet on it returning.

Either he's ignorant or just a liar. Dick Durbin went on TV today and said that the reason that the Democrats haven't passed a budget in over 800 days is because they couldn't get 60 votes. But as the GOP is happy to remind him, Senate rules protect budget votes from a filibuster. They could have passed a budget with 51 votes. And until January 2010, they had 60 votes. You think a Senate leader like Dick Durbin doesn't know these basic facts. I'm just a high school teacher, but I knew that budgets can't be filibustered. That's why parties like to attach some of their desired policies that they don't think can get through otherwise to budget bills.