Friday, July 29, 2011

The Democrats are back to "Demon Pass"

Ah, those Democrats - they'll do anything rather than take responsibility for their own actions. Remember how they pushed through Obamacare by "Deeming" it passed because they knew it wouldn't pass once Scott Brown was elected? We'll they're back to that again. Lookee, lookee what Harry Reid inserted into his version of the debt-ceiling increase. Jeff Sessions explains,
The Reid amendment to increase the debt limit deems two consecutive budget resolutions for fiscal years 2012 and 2013. In other words, it basically takes over the budget process and sets the basic spending number. Does the president think the Senate should go two more years without crafting or passing a budget? We’ve already gone two. The Reid amendment sets spending allocations for most Senate committees at the Congressional Budget Office’s rising baseline. … So it just says we’re going to deem the amount we spend, what C.B.O. has projected our growth and spending to be. And C.B.O. projects growth in spending. They don’t set that as right for America, but they project that’s what will occur under current circumstances. … So without hearings or debate on these allocations, this provision would provide a further excuse for avoiding a budget and increase the likelihood … the Congressional Budget Act will be violated for the third straight year. This is an abrogation of the responsibilities of the Senate and of the Budget Committee of the United States Senate. We were not elected to the Senate and chosen to serve on the Committee on the Budget … to see most of the budget levels automatically raised based on a set of spending growth projections by some apparachix in the C.B.O.
So they went two years without a budget because they wanted to avoid taking an unpopular vote. And now they're doing it again. Sessions makes it clear what this is all about.
“The president said—really—this is what the president said a week ago: ‘The only bottom line that I have is that we extend this debt ceiling through the next election, until 2013.’ The president thinks this is about him. It's all about him. This is about America, and what's good for this country. It's not about the president. It's not about politics…”

“The reason the Majority Leader did not want a budget to come up is because when you bring a budget up you have to vote, people have alternatives, they offer amendments, and the members go on record… and he’s protecting his members from having to do the primary responsibility of a United States Senator—that is, before the world, to cast their vote, to be responsible for it, and to be accountable to the people who sent them there.”
But don't you see? All that matters is evading responsibility. As Sessions reminds us, they deliberately didn't raise the debt ceiling when they had control of both houses. That would have been responsible then and they're allergic to responsibility.
Before the last election, when Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress, every conversation was about increasing spending… But, after the 2010 election, and the emergence of the Tea Party, we finally started to look at Washington’s spending problem. Now, instead of just raising the debt ceiling with no spending cuts—as the White House initially and repeatedly demanded—we’re trying to cut spending.
So they'll just deem the budgets passed and hope the voters don't notice that the Democrats don't give a flip about fulfilling their legal responsibilities.