Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cruising the Web

Steven Malanga explains how public employee unions have been deceiving people about how much such employees get in their pensions. For example, the average California state employee retires with about $67,000 in benefits not the $30,000 that unions have tried to pretend. In New York, the unions tout a $19,000 annual figure instead of the actual %50,000 a year that retired state workers receive. No wonder these states are totally broke. And things will only get worse as more employees retire.

Stephen Moore punctures the claim that Warren Buffett keeps making that the wealthy pay lower tax rates "than the people who are serving us the food."

Karlyn Bowman and Andrew Rugg examine the poll results about the ideology of aging baby boomers. As they've grown older, the cohort as a whole has gotten steadily more conservative.

The contrast between Pennsylvania and New York
in how they're approaching the shale and natural gas within their states is quite marked. Pennsylvania is drilling and they're seeing the benefits in jobs and economic benefits and increased revenues. Environmentalists have kept New York from drilling and so they're not seeing any of those benefits.

Geoffrey Norman delves
into the "Tao of Tom," Thomas Friedman that is. Forget the deep structural problems in our system leading to the ballooning debt. Nope, according to the Tao of Tom, it's all the Tea Party's fault.

David McElroy has a real-life example of what it sounds like when someone goes John Galt.

Shouldn't the world be noticing that Hezbollah is attacking UN peacekeepers in Lebanon?

Britain's National Health Service is now rationing
hip replacements, cataract surgery and tonsillectomies.

Obama could, with one stroke, help create 100,000 jobs if he'd get the State Department to stop blocking the permit for the construction of the pipeline to bring oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast. He's more subservient to the Environmentalists' lobbies than devoted to creating jobs.

Now that he's mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel is trying to take on the public employees unions. Amazing how he isn't getting the sort of backlash that Republicans face when they try the same things.

Larry Sabato thinks that Obama is looking so weak that "Any day, I expect him to be attacked by a killer rabbit."