Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cruising the Web

One in eight small business have either already or are planning to terminate their health insurance plans because of Obamacare. Just rerun in your memories all the times that you heard Obama claim that those who were happy with their plans could keep them. As Ed Morrissey points out, this is yet another reason why these businesses aren't hiring new workers. They're having a lot of trouble figuring out the cost of their existing staffs. Taking on new staff just compounds their uncertainty.

Read John McCormick's article
about how the Wisconsin budget reform is already bearing fruit. School districts are saving money and are able to apply those savings to spending more in the actual classroom. The only districts that aren't benefiting are those ones like Milwaukee which rushed through new collective bargaining agreements before the GOP-sponsored bill became law. Milwaukee is now having to shut nine schools and fire 354 teachers. If the teachers would agree to a 5.8% contribution to their pension, the school district says they could hire back 200 of those teachers, but the teachers won't budge. That's what that collective bargaining power gives them: the chance to choose their own pension contributions over the jobs of fellow teachers and the interests of their students. I sure hope that Milwaukee voters understand what their school district's precipitous choice on collective bargaining has resulted in.

Richard Rector revisits the newest Census statistic about what it means to be poor in America. It is nothing like the stereotyped picture we might have in mind.

Texas Monthly tells us eight things
that Yankees should know before they start thinking about Rick Perry as a the GOP candidate. And, I guess, North Carolinians such as myself can also learn.

That supposedly dying Lockerbie bomber is now appearing in pro-government rallies in Libya.

Greg Marx at the Columbia Journalism Review trashes Tom Friedman's repeated calls for a third-party of moderates. He links to Brendan Nyhan's compendium of calls since 2005 for a third party by various political thinkers. It isn't going to happen. There are too many forces in our political system such as winner-take-all voting in the Electoral Colleges, the difficulty of getting on the ballot, the limits imposed by campaign finance reform, the focus of the media, plus the simple fact that any third party candidate who had a good idea would see one or both major parties absorbing that idea. Think of what happened with Ross Perot's shtick on cutting spending or the Populists' push for looser money back in the 1890s. All these gurus know this or should know it. But they opt for wishful thinking rather than realistic thinking.

Jay Cost looks at the fundamentals for Obama's reelection. Right now it looks like he needs the same kind of Democratic turnout that he had in 2008. What are the chances of that? National Journal looks at the numbers in battleground states. They're not good for Obama. And Michael Barone notes the movement among the Millennial generation away from Obama.

Hee hee. Even the writers of the West Wing rejected Obama's preferred demagoguery about private jet owners.

Hmm, an ATF official acknowledges
that he informed a White House National Security Director about Fast and Furious back in September 2010.