Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cruising the Web

Jay Cost has historical lessons for Republicans by looking at other confrontations between a Republican Congress and a Democratic president.

Enjoy this video
looking at what went into 19th century middle-and upper-class women's underwear. Imagine fashion designed so that a woman couldn't dress or undress herself.

What a mistake for Tim Pawlenty to wade into the Michele Bachmann-migraine story. There is a basic rule that candidates should follow in not commenting on personal stories about their opponents' health or families. The fact that he succumbed to the temptation to hint that her migraines might mean she isn't up for being president indicates how furious he must be that she is beating him in the polls. I have no idea if her migraines are too incapacitating for her to be president, but I doubt that the story would make anyone who was going to vote for her otherwise would change his or her mind based on this story. Someone who wasn't all that comfortable voting for her might latch onto the story as an excuse. She might be lucky to have this story come out early and get it out of the way during the summer doldrums.

Michael Barone contemplates the coming burst of the higher education bubble. He points to a remarkable statistic - the California State University system has more administrators than faculty.

Jeff Jacoby answers the new-Malthusians.

You knew it was coming: Sheila Jackson Lee thinks that Republicans are refusing to simply roll over and raise the debt ceiling simply because Barack Obama is black. Hmmm. What about all those Democrats like Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden who voted against raising the debt ceiling when Bush was president?

Larry Summers gives his frank opinion of the Winklevoss twins.

Here's one way to comprehend
the amount of money that Obama would like to raise the debt ceiling buy - $2.4 trillion: "Obama wants to borrow and spend about the same amount of money to get from August 2, 2011 through November 6, 2012 as we borrowed and spent to fight the Axis powers on two fronts from December 7, 1941 to August 15, 1945."

Rick Newman at US News
notes all the opportunities Obama has had for a big debt deal and how he blew off those openings each time in order to push for more spending.

Interesting to contrast how the media responded to a hacking of a phone conversation between Newt Gingrich and other GOP leaders to how they're responding to the News of the World scandal.

Now you know our debt problems are bad - leaders in Latin American countries are making fun of us. And Latin America's economy is growing at a much higher rate than the U.S. economy. Brazil is one of our creditors.

One more reason to go to Harvard: they got to see the newest Harry Potter movie before it was open nationally. No waiting for midnight shows for them!

Eric Holder is trying to same excuse
as Rupert Murdoch - he was just ignorant.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals has upheld the right of the University of Minnesota to discipline a student because of what she wrote on her Facebook page. When will people learn that they shouldn't put anything up on the web that they wouldn't want their employer or school or family to read?