Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cruising the Web

The Detroit News slams the Obama administration's manipulation to help out labor at the expense of employers. They gotta help out the base, no matter what. The Washington Times looks at the 70-page intimidation manual the SEIU has put together to teach tactics for pressuring corporations to unionize. They don't care if they destroy the company's financial viability in their efforts to form unions. And they recommend all sorts of pressure tactics against the employers, investors, stockholders, customers, clients, etc. Their recommendations include bringing in busloads of protesters to the homes of executives to scare their families and anger their neighbors. Funny how their methods don't seem to include reasoned debate to persuade workers that they'd benefit from unionization.

The president of Merck pleads with Washington not to support or to reverse policies such as Obamacare's IPAB which will put the brakes on medical research and innovation.

Jonathan Tobin finds hypocrisy
all around in how the rest of the media is treating the News of the World hacking scandal.

The New York Times wonders
who is paying for Rick Perry's traveling around the state and for his security while he's doing it. Given that he is, by all the rumors and signs, going to declare his candidacy for the presidency this is a legitimate question. It is often very difficult to separate out legitimate government travel from political events. When will the NYT ask the same questions about paying for President Obama's travels around the country to swing states for what are clearly stops to bolster up his reelection campaign?

What Gilligan's Island said about democracy.

David Ignatius just can't seem to figure out
why President Obama is such a follower instead of a leader. Hey, that's been his pattern his entire political life.

Jennifer Rubin takes apart
a lazy David Brooks column. Amazing what facts can do.