Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cruising the Web

What a surprise. Green jobs just haven't been the salvation for our economy that the liberals kept claiming it would be.

The teacher cheating scandals are spreading beyond Atlanta and Washington, D.C. And guess where the blame lies - those pesky high-stakes tests. If teachers weren't forced to be accountable for how much their students learned, they wouldn't have to cheat on the tests. And all this attempt to blame the tests does is ignore the students whose lack of learning is being ignored.

This is cool - Manhattanhenge.

Jonah Goldberg notes the tendency
of Republicans to get all meta on their political tactics. They like to telegraph and explain why they're moving as they are rather than leaving that job to the pundits.

The debt crisis reveals the whole fantasy behind Social Security being a pay-as-we-go program. There is no trust fund - all there is are Treasury bonds that the Social Security Trust Fund holds since the excess money coming in has been lent out to the general federal funds. That money was spent and now we owe that money back to ourselves. And since we are no longer getting a surplus into the account, we now are facing the point when the President can claim that there isn't money to pay for one month's benefits. That is because we've spent all that money and owe it back to Social Security.

Obama claims that the Bowles-Simpson debt reduction plan that he ignored when it was issued is now what the public wants and the political leaders should listen to the public. Clive Crook calls the President on this prevarication. And Crook, no conservative, adds in this zinger: "When he said that I also wondered: listen to the country--like you did on health care? Like you did on the stimulus? Like you did on long-term public borrowing, before the debt-ceiling crisis began?"

Harry Reid continues his history of dumb statements. Now he's claiming that no increase in the debt ceiling could mean that there would be "no schools for our children." Of course, the federal government pays only 8.5% of education spending.

Salon posits that the fact that the NYT uncovered Obama in his milking his mother's death from cancer to push for insurance reform means that the media won't be as much in the tank for the President in his reelection campaign. Sure. I'll believe it when I see it and my nose is rubbed in it.

Charles Krauthammer challenges Nina Totenberg
to name anything that the President has proposed in his supposed grand $4 trillion proposal. No one knows what the President actually has proposed but these journalists all accept that it has been done. They are, as Krauthammer calls them, a "completely compliant, pliant, supine press accepting every leak out of the House." The press keeps telling us that the President has offered tough cuts in a big budget plan, but no one knows what those cuts are.