Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cruising the Web

In the light of the story of the President storming out of negotiations over the debt ceiling and warning Eric Cantor not to call his bluff, Slublog reminds us of Obama's supposed "first-class temperament. Allahpundit notes that the two times that we know of Obama walking out of a meeting was this episode yesterday and when he walked out on Bibi Netanyahu last year.

This is the president who said that he'd rather be working on the NFL lockout than having to fuss with the debt ceiling. Would he be walking out of those meetings also?

Of course Obama is so very special that he is attempting to ban reporters from shouting questions at him. He's above simply ignoring questions he doesn't want to answer. Now the peon reporters need to stop shouting questions because it irritates him.

The Social Security chief actuary acknowledges that any decision not to mail out Social Security checks would be under the sole power of the Secretary of the Treasury. As he admitted yesterday in a Budget Committee hearing there is money to make the August payments and it would have to be a decision by the Secretary of the Treasury not to mail them out. It's Obama's ultimate decision so his scaring American seniors by his words on CBS the other day were a total bluff. But we know that we shouldn't be calling the man's bluffs; he warned us not to.

Christian Lopez, the guy who caught Derek Jeter's 3000th hit is going to get some help paying his IRS bills on the gifts that he's gotten from the Yankees since he returned the ball.

The Daily Mirror has been acquiring data illegally just News of the World has been doing. But they've been doing it a lot more times. Some of this was done under the editorship of Piers Morgan, the Brit who was brought in to replace Larry King.

Mark Steyn links to a picture
of a public school in Toronto that hosts regular Friday prayers for its Muslim students. That isn't what is surprising - plenty of schools accommodate students' desire to pray during school. What is shocking is how the public school separates first the boys from the girls so that the boys can pray in front and go in through separate doors. But that isn't the only thing - they also separate out the girls who are menstruating from both sets of children. Since when do public schools allow a religious leader to come in to schools and lead prayers to separate the children not only by gender but by menstrual status? The whole idea is despicable. This is the slippery slope we are on.

Todd Zywicki
lays out the myths of Obama's version of the auto bailouts.

Obama's popularity in the Arab world is now lower than Bush's was at the end of his presidency. Who'd have thought that?


mark said...

Perhaps Obama is doing so good a job of being a "secret-Muslim" (as speculated here) that fellow Muslims don't even know that he's one of them.

Pat Patterson said...

Considering Muslims seem to enjoy killing their fellow monotheists more than Americans or Europeans maybe those who accuse him of being a Muslim might be to something.

tfhr said...

Whatever he is or isn't, he's no more popular than George Bush in the Middle East. Remember when that was important? Go figure. He says "Pah-Key-Stan" and everything and yet the Arab world along with just about all of the Muslims around the rest of the world despise him and the United States just like you should've known they would sooner or later.

mark said...

No successful attack on US soil during Obama's presidency.

Obama got OBL after Bush's failures and capitualations.

Fortunately, Obama didn't rely on our "in-house" Intelligence expert who claimed OBL was already dead.

Pat Patterson said...

So who shot up Ft Hood? Crazed Baptists? And the guys who finally killed Ben Ladin were started and funded under the Reagan Administration. Other presidents supplied the tools and the vision Obama got a brief nudge in the polls while claiming the credit.

tfhr said...


I really did believe that bin Laden was probably dead. Nevertheless I'm glad you were certain of where he lived and frequently shared your ample proof to support that. I'm especially grateful that you single-handedly capped him after all those years of hard work you spent supporting intelligence gathering in Pakistan. Good for you mark; you're my new hero. I hope you go out and get a new cape to wear around the house. But while you're preening in the mirror, try to remember that the effort to find bin Laden continued throughout the Bush administration and continued to it's conclusion. Full credit to Obama for giving the operation the green light but if you believe it was started on Inauguration Day, 2009, you are a fool. Don't let it bother you that the couriers that ultimately lead the CIA to bin Laden were revealed through "torturing" terrorists in American custody. Don't let it bother you that Obama made the decision to use information gathered in that manner - it doesn't bother me one bit.

Bush's "failures and capitulations"? Please be specific, but try and find a way that ties in with the theme of this thread: Obama's failure to make us "popular" in the Muslim world.

Back to your silly post: 13 dead and over 30 injured in a terrorist attack at FT Hood. There was a similar attack in Arkansas but with only one soldier killed. Or don't those soldiers and DA civilians count for you? They could be Peace Corps fish, I guess.

This is a global war and so far Obama is doing a better job of fighting it than I would have expected. It seems to have helped that he got rid of the Patriot Act. Don't you agree? I especially like that he closed down GITMO - I remember how he made that his first official act after inauguration and how his symbolic effort would restore America to the Muslim world's Christmas card list once again because Obama had healed the awful wounds that Bush alone had created following the wonderous peace we had during Clinton and Carter.

mark said...

Interesting that people want to go cite policies by Bush, and even Reagan, for Obama's success in killing Osama. Yet Bush is absolved of any blame for the failing economy. Seems that if Bush deserves any credit for programs that led to OBL (and I've agreed that is probably the case), he deserves blame for his programs that screwed up the economy (certainly the case).
Of course, I never claimed OBL was alive. I had no idea. However, there was never evidence that he was dead. That was only an excuse to provide cover for Bush's disgraceful comments about no longer being concerned about him.

Pat Patterson said...

Most of us weren't aware that to begin every sentence discussing a political issue required that Bush be blamed for the economy? NFL lockout, Bush wrecked the economy. Last shuttle flight, Bush wrecked the economy, etc. But then I also expect that anytime any of Obama's defenders begin a point they first acknowledge that he made it worse.

mark said...

Actually, I've never said Bush wrecked the economy. I've always blamed it on the greed and stupidity of a large number of Americans, repub and dem, inside and outside of Washington. But obviously, Bush was president, so the buck stops with him.
I don't believe (and many experts and non-experts agree), that Obama has made the economy better, not worse. However, Obama over-promised and under-performed. He kinda screwed himself by saying the stimulus would keep unemployment under 8 percent. He should be held accountable for that and other failures.

tfhr said...

mark said:
I don't believe (and many experts and non-experts agree), that Obama has made the economy better, not worse.

What? That bit of incoherence is like eating your cake and having it too. Then again, Michelle seems to have a "let them eat cake" attitude these days but I still can't figure out if you are saying that "many experts/non-experts agree "that you don't think Obama has made the economy better, not worse." Of if that's just you're way of admitting you don't know what the hell is going on with this administration and neither does Obama.

mark said:
However, Obama over-promised and under-performed. He kinda screwed himself by saying the stimulus would keep unemployment under 8 percent.

Wrong mark, he kinda screwed all of us and generations to come. You just haven't figured that out yet. The sad thing is that you never will because progressives like you really think he needs to do MORE of what has damaged the economy and endangered the country. By the way, do you think Obama wishes he had the revenues that Bush was pulling in during the first six or seven years of his administration or the employment numbers we had back then?

mark said:
He should be held accountable for that and other failures.

You can bet your ass Obama would like to have Bush's economic numbers rather than his own and you can bet that your community organizer will be held accountable in 2012. I'll take the safe bet and say that you have not learned and will prove so by voting for Barack Obama again.

mark said...

Have you noticed repubs never mention Bush 43? Do you think he's going to be asked to help on the presidential campaign trail? He was a failure and an embarrassment, and even repubs want to forget about him. Nobody is jealous of anything he did. That you would brag about his record shows your ignorance.
You have defended tax breaks for corporate jets over services for poor, disabled and veterans.

tfhr said...


Obama put those corporate jet "tax breaks" in his "stimulus" program and Al Gore uses them often. I'm against them. I'll send every dime of "green" subsidy money to your grandma and my vet friends. How's that?

Bush unemployment in 2007: 5%

That' just sucks, doesn't it?