Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cruising the Web

In the light of the story of the President storming out of negotiations over the debt ceiling and warning Eric Cantor not to call his bluff, Slublog reminds us of Obama's supposed "first-class temperament. Allahpundit notes that the two times that we know of Obama walking out of a meeting was this episode yesterday and when he walked out on Bibi Netanyahu last year.

This is the president who said that he'd rather be working on the NFL lockout than having to fuss with the debt ceiling. Would he be walking out of those meetings also?

Of course Obama is so very special that he is attempting to ban reporters from shouting questions at him. He's above simply ignoring questions he doesn't want to answer. Now the peon reporters need to stop shouting questions because it irritates him.

The Social Security chief actuary acknowledges that any decision not to mail out Social Security checks would be under the sole power of the Secretary of the Treasury. As he admitted yesterday in a Budget Committee hearing there is money to make the August payments and it would have to be a decision by the Secretary of the Treasury not to mail them out. It's Obama's ultimate decision so his scaring American seniors by his words on CBS the other day were a total bluff. But we know that we shouldn't be calling the man's bluffs; he warned us not to.

Christian Lopez, the guy who caught Derek Jeter's 3000th hit is going to get some help paying his IRS bills on the gifts that he's gotten from the Yankees since he returned the ball.

The Daily Mirror has been acquiring data illegally just News of the World has been doing. But they've been doing it a lot more times. Some of this was done under the editorship of Piers Morgan, the Brit who was brought in to replace Larry King.

Mark Steyn links to a picture
of a public school in Toronto that hosts regular Friday prayers for its Muslim students. That isn't what is surprising - plenty of schools accommodate students' desire to pray during school. What is shocking is how the public school separates first the boys from the girls so that the boys can pray in front and go in through separate doors. But that isn't the only thing - they also separate out the girls who are menstruating from both sets of children. Since when do public schools allow a religious leader to come in to schools and lead prayers to separate the children not only by gender but by menstrual status? The whole idea is despicable. This is the slippery slope we are on.

Todd Zywicki
lays out the myths of Obama's version of the auto bailouts.

Obama's popularity in the Arab world is now lower than Bush's was at the end of his presidency. Who'd have thought that?