Monday, July 11, 2011

Cruising the Web

Michael Barone explains why the "man-cession" has become a "man-covery." And now more women are starting to lose their jobs as the stimulus money propping up public employment has run out.

Hmmm. Is it too early to start asking the questions about what path a post-Obama Democratic Party would take? We could also ask who the party leaders would be if Obama lost next year. Pelosi? Reid? Pshaw! Is Andrew Cuomo the only Democratic governor out there who will have appeal? Will Chuck Schumer be the face of the Democratic Senate if the Republicans gain control? Just compare the number of attractive rising Republicans out there - the ones who were either not ready to run this year - to the bench in the Democratic Party.

Why is Gawker trying to out
the guy who helped kill Osama bin Laden? Have they no sense of decency?

Bob Greene explains why the owners always win in sports lockouts. And Bill Simmons solves the NBA's problems.

For all those liberals outraged that Paul Ryan paid for a $350 bottle of wine with his own money, how about Obama serving up $399 bottles of wine at a state dinner? A dinner that the taxpayers paid for. Which wine provoked more outrage? Meanwhile, Jonathan Adler and William Jacobson look into the course taught by the Rutgers professor who initiated this whole kerfuffle. It turns out that she teaches a course funded by a donation from a wealth alumnus. He and his company helped design the content based on the donor's newsletter. And this has provoked none of the outrage that the Koch brothers underwent funded a program to study the free market.

Here's a stark chart to compare unemployment in this recession to other post-WWII recessions.
Today's recession and the lack of pick-up in employment is the bottom red line.

Ross Douhat explains
why the Republicans aren't buying what Obama is selling on raising taxes to fund increasing the debt ceiling.

Awwww. It's so sweet. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul are learning to become, if not BFF, at least good colleagues.