Saturday, July 09, 2011

Cruising the Web

Now this would be a cool location for a luxury home. The wealthy who want a flat near London will be able to get a townhouse on the grounds of Bentley Priory, the location from which Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding planned the Battle of Britain.

It's now been 800 days since the Democratic Senate passed a budget. It will probably be well over 1000 by next year's election assuming that the Democrats keep up their pattern. They haven't even proposed a budget. What argument will they be able to put forth for their maintaining control over the Senate? This is not what leadership looks like.

Megan McArdle has a powerful post,
based on her own experience, on how long-term unemployment changes people. What is worrisome is that we are going to have a young generation for whom this has these same psychological effects on those who lose their jobs in their middle age and who may face an even more difficult time finding a new job.

James Taranto examines some of the fallacies underlying punditry on Obama approval ratings and his reelection chances.

Even congressional offices would not be able to follow the guidelines
for disposal of the CFL bulbs that they are forcing us to use once the sale of incandescent lightbulbs is outlawed on January 1.

Another Wisconsin district is saving the big bucks
because of the limitations on collective bargaining for teachers. Savings are kicking in immediately for those school districts that can now contract a cheaper heal insurance than the one created by the teachers union and mandated in previous agreements. Plus the district is finding that they are better able to work with their employees now instead of being forced to go through the union leaders.

Jay Cost explains why a southern Democrat like Bill Clinton would have so much trouble getting the nomination in today's Democratic Party.

The GOP is working to block
Obama from filling upcoming vacancies in the National Labor Relations Board. That would leave the board deadlocked with only two members, one Democrat and one Republican. Such maneuvers would block any other future recess appointments.