Saturday, June 25, 2011

Government sleep products division

This illustrates one of the problems with government. In an article on cuts in North Carolina's budget, there is this bit of information:
But offsetting the cuts, the legislature is moving to his department [Agriculture] 750 to 800 employees who now work in the Forest Resources Division, the Soil and Water Conservation Division, and the Sleep Products Section of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, which regulates, inspects and licenses mattresses and the like.
Gee, does a state really need a "Sleep Products Section" to regulate, inspect, license mattresses? I guess they put the tags on pillows and mattresses that are standard jokes about daredevils who rip them off?

A little searching on the web brought up this 2007 law regarding the licensing of sleep products. Who knew? And aren't you glad that we have government out there to protect our sleep products. I don't know whether it is better to have this division in the departments of Forest Resources or Agriculture, but a bigger question is why we need such a department in the first place.