Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cruising the Web

Jack Shafer at Slate takes apart Al Gore's rant in Rolling Stone and demonstrates how weak Gore is at persuasive writing.

A statistical analysis demonstrates that going for the National Popular Vote approach to getting around the Electoral College would mean that most states would lose political power under NPV. They have a lower percentage of the national popular vote than they do of the Electoral College vote. State legislators would have to explain to their constituents why they would sacrifice their state's influence in order to get around the Electoral College.

Who would think that there are such distinctive ways to fill in bubbles that people could be identified around half the time from anonymous bubble forms?

Senator Cornyn informs us of the federal law that Obama is violating by refusing to put forth a plan to save Medicare.

Is calling someone a dirtbag
libel or defamation or just a statement of opinion?

Here is an intriguing experiment
: open up college savings account for middle school students at KIPP charter schools, match contributions and see if this makes more likely these students graduate from college.

The National Journal sees clues that Obama's political advisers are getting nervous.

Obama may be stalling the debt-ceiling negotiations in hopes that the bond markets will panic in mid-July and the resulting fall in the stock market would pressure the Republicans to give in to the Democrats' demands to raise taxes. There's a tactic for you: drive the stock market down in order to gain increased taxes. It's only by depending on a pliant media that the Democrats can hope to get away with such a plan.

A Democratic congresswoman, Laura Richardson of California, is accused of threatening her staffers that they must work on her campaign or lose their jobs. That's illegal, by the way.

Michael Barone writes that the liberals on the Supreme Court would like to run private business as if it were the civil service. And that would be a nightmare.

Thomas Sowell reminds us that disdain for the Constitution has been part of the leftist game plan since the Progressive era.