Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cruising the Web

Hey, even the UN doesn't like ethanol subsidies.

No surprise here: more American doctors are leaving private practice to go work in hospital systems. Tell me about it. I just had my last appointment with my doctor who is leaving private practice to go work for hospitals. Darn - I really liked him.

Megan McArdle wonders why, if we agree that it is not okay to steal from Macy's, it's okay to default on loans.

States are approaching a record for spending cuts for their 2012 budgets. Isn't that what they should be doing in this age of huge budget shortfalls? I'm waiting for some analysis to show how the spending that states are approving compares to previous years. Are they spending at the level they did pre-recession? in the 1990s? How big a jump back in time are these spending cuts? I know that here in North Carolina, the media is talking about catastrophic cuts but they don't give us any idea how the absolute level of spending compares historically.

Guess what? Electric cars aren't as green as their supporters have said. They may even produce higher emissions over the car's lifetime than those cars fueled by gas.

Michael Rubin asks a very good question: Why should congressional staff receive free parking on Capitol Hill? Why should the District of Columbia be denied the money that they would get from those staffers being forced to pay for what is at such a premium around the Capitol? And why should taxpayers be shelling out money for their parking?

President Obama blames unemployment
on increased automation like ATMs. Yup. That's been a trend for a century. Is the solution to stop technological progress? And as Jim Geraghty points out, why pick on a technology that has been around for 20 years to blame for unemployment today? And of course Obama is ignoring the way that increased productivity can help an economy grow. And Jonah Goldberg looks up the statistics to show that, as the number of ATMs has grown since they were first introduced, so have the number of bank tellers. And Goldberg points out that Obama's energy policies are the real job killers.
Meanwhile, Obama does want to make some structural changes to the economy that will destroy very good paying jobs in the energy sector. If his clean energy-win-the-future-regulate-carbon proposals were implemented, it would throw vast numbers of people out of work in the coal, oil and gas industries. And there’s zero reason to believe that the “green jobs” he would replace them with would be better paying. And, we’d all pay more for more expensive energy, either as consumers or as taxpayers footing the bills for subsidies.

If you want to talk about job-killing structural issues, that’s a good place to start.