Friday, June 10, 2011

Cruising the Web

Politico notes the awful start that Debbie Wasserman Schultz has had as the DNC chairwoman. Her over-the-top rhetoric has garnered her factcheck rebukes from mainstream analysts and joyful ridicule from the right. Yet the Obama administration professes to be very pleased with her rollout. Axelrod calls her an "effective spokesperson for the party." I guess she's playing the Spiro Agnew role for Obama. He can pretend to be all about being bipartisan on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and then go all attack dog on the other days. And Wasserman Schultz can be out there making attack gaffes every day of the week.

Well, it sure hasn't taken long for the whole Newt Gingrich campaign to collapse. When I read analysts a few days ago speculating that Rick Perry would get in the campaign but noting he faced problems because some of his key aides were working for Newt Gingrich. At the time I thought, "Hey, those aides aren't indentured servants. If they want to work for Perry, they'll find a way to leave the Gingrich campaign." Little did I realize that they were indeed meeting together to jump ship en masse sticking a shiv into Newt and his wife on their way out. My question about the assumption that now Perry gotten the band back together and how great that will be for Perry is this: if these aides are so savvy, why were they working for Newt in the first place? Everyone else knew how lame a candidate Gingrich would be; did they actually think he had a chance?

The National Journal casts a skeptical eye on Obama's chances for winning North Carolina.

A former liberal explains how hanging out at a teachers' rally made him anti-education.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's own internal watchdog has issued a report accusing the head of the NRC of withholding information because he wanted to end work on the Yucca Mountain waste storage plan.

The Washington Post notes the silliness of the how the Senate is using slow-motion quorum calls to create the impression that they're actually doing something.

Charles Krauthammer recommends his preferred strategy
for the GOP candidate to adopt in 2012.

The Russian security forces are returning to wearing long black leather coats. Just another bit of the return-to-Stalin mood among Russian leaders today.

Good for TOm Coburn. He's forcing a vote on cloture on an amendment to end tax credits on ethanol and the tariff on imported ethanol. I bet that neither party leaders is happy about that.

Now here's an issue we can all agree on. As my family can testify, I'm fully on board with this question to ESPN's Rick Reilly.
What is the deal with all the gross mouthpieces hanging out all the time? They're slobbery and disgusting and they scare my dog.
And watch Bill Simmons on Nightline rip Norman Dale's coaching in "Hoosiers."