Thursday, June 09, 2011

Cruising the Web

Here's no surprise that four of the top ten richest counties in the U.S. are in the Virginia suburbs of D.C. and a fifth one is between D.C. and Baltimore. Being associated with the federal government is worth the big bucks.

On Monday the government will finally publish the complete Pentagon Papers. We'll find out what were the 11 words that the government wanted redacted from the publication.

James Taranto decimates the logic
of feminists who think that liberals can't be hypocrites because they don't have moral standards.

Civitas publishes research on Wake County (my county) schools to demonstrate that there is no correlation between teachers having advanced degrees or national board certification and being a "high-performing" teacher as measured by the state. Of course, having such degrees or certification is worth pay raises. It's time to rethink rewarding simple credentialism rather than teaching performance.

John Steele Gordon takes us on a brief tour of American political sex scandals.

Wisconsin union protesters disrupt a Special Olympics ceremony.

Daniel Henninger explains why Obama had the worst week while Tim Pawlenty had a successful week.

The Washington Post unloads on the Obama administration for ignoring science and playing politics over Yucca Mountain.

George Will demonstrates the favoritism and silly logic
at work in how the Obama administration is putting the interests of labor over economic growth through free trade.

The look of a male politician confessing he's sinned - they all look the same.