Monday, May 09, 2011

Now that's a question!

While President Obama can get away with simply turning his back on a question from a sister of a 9/11 victim when asked about his administration's investigation of CIA interrogators, he should not get a similar pass from reporters. Mona Charen has a great question for the President.
You authorized a risky operation to find and kill Osama bin Laden. Following your orders, a SEAL team shot him through the eye and the chest. Imagine that your successor is an even more left-wing Democrat than you are. Or imagine that he/she is a libertarian. Either might assert that the operation violated the law in some way. Would you approve of a Justice Department investigation into the actions of the SEALs? Do you think it be okay if, under the next administration, they will be obliged to hire lawyers and worry about their own and the their families’ futures? If not, will you instruct Eric Holder to call off the dogs who are currently investigating the CIA for interrogating the terrorists who led you to Osama bin Laden?