Monday, May 16, 2011

Cuising the Web

The Obamacare waiver tally goes up another 204 waivers.

Philip Klein explodes the argument that the "free rider" problem justifies the individual mandate in Obamacare an Romneycare.

John Hinderaker links to an academic study of the jobs produced by the stimulus bill. The result: 450 thousand state and local government jobs and destroyed or forestalled about one million private sector jobs. Yup, that's a great way to spend close to trillion dollars.

Michael Barone reminds us of when Senator Obama blocked a comprehensive immigration bill that both Edward Kennedy and George Bush supported. But then Obama isn't at all interested in starting a supposed "civil conversation" on immigration. All he cares about is exploiting demagoguing the issue to score political points. Such hypocritical cynicism is truly despicable.

Ah, just some ordinary union corruption and violence.

Ramesh Ponnuru makes the argument that Mike Huckabee's announcement will help Mitt Romney by setting up Michele Bachmann as the major social conservative in the race and thus help Romney by turning a Romney-Pawlenty contest into a three-race race. I just don't see Bachmann being as successful in the primaries as Huckabee was in 2008. I think he was much better at appealing to voters without making major gaffes than she seems to be. And I think that Romney will still have tremendous trouble overcoming legitimate criticisms of his record as governor.

Edward Lazear, Bush's former head of the CEA, explains why people still don't feel as if the unemployment picture is improving. Job growth is coming from a decline in layoffs, not from increased hiring.

The WSJ wonders if the IMF will show the same sort of faux concern for ethical standards for Mr. Strauss-Kahn, accused of attempted rape of a hotel maid, as the World Bank did for Paul Wolfowitz who had informed the Bank of his relationship with his girl friend and who had never violated bank rules. And why is a leader of France's Socialist Party staying in a $3,000 a night suite in New York City anyway? The New York Post notes how this will play in next year's election in France.
The shocking arrest came hours after a Socialist Party ally of Strauss-Kahn accused Sarkozy of kicking off a smear campaign against his longtime rival -- focusing on his lavish lifestyle, including his preference for suits from the same tailor favored by President Obama.
How socialism has changed.

Radical chic
still rules among the elite.

Obama is still yanking away the football on all those who hope that he will open up America for more drilling.