Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cruising the Web

The Southern accent may well be dying out. A North Carolina State University linguistic study says that the Southern accent is disappearing. And it cites my hometown, Raleigh, as an example. When we moved here 28 years ago, I really felt that we stood out as not having Southern accents. And now, I notice so many fewer Southern drawls. In the Raleigh area, there has been a tremendous influx of people moving in from elsewhere. Though our area's hometown boy, American Idol winner Scotty McCreery, who comes from neighboring Garner, still has that Southern drawl.

William McGurn makes the point
that a contested primary race for the GOP nomination could actually be good for the Republicans by honing the eventual candidate's communication skills. Voters aren't ready to accept a party-anointed candidate and want to choose for themselves someone who can carry the fight to President Obama.

Hospitals are facing a worsening shortage of medications.

Even the New York Times is fed up with the Senate Democrats for taking a pass on the budget and other important issues. Meanwhile, the Washington Post has lost patience with Obama's position on Libya.

Megan McArdle demonstrates why we can't pay for the Social Security shortfall by repealing the tax cuts on higher earners.

More PC-run amok in schools as a California principal suspended students for wearing white T-shirts for a class picture. The principal determined that such shirts were expressing a white supremacist message. No other proof was necessary than the color of their T-shirts.

George Will has fun with the fatuous excuses given for why the War Powers Act shouldn't be applied to our operation in Libya.

Thomas Sowell combats the argument that the rich have become richer by making the poor poorer.

Michael Goodwin reports teacher testimony about how they're being pressured by their school administrators to pass students no matter their performance or attendance records.

The media continue to be surprised by "unexpected" bad economic news.

As the world waits for Israel to sign some sort of agreement with the Palestinian Authority, let's not ignore that the Palestinians have just chucked out the 2005 agreement about border crossings. Why should they trust their nation's security to more pieces of papers that will be ignored in the future?

John Hawkins has an interesting interview with Ben Shapiro about how liberals came to take over Hollywood.