Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cruising the Web

Medicare will bankrupt 25% of all hospitals by 2030. And the Democrats complain about the reforms that Paul Ryan proposes to try to save Medicare. They ignore that their plans would cut reimbursements to doctors and then try to pretend that those cuts wouldn't affect health care.

A GAO audit has revealed that almost 4,000 stimulus recipients from municipalities, nonprofits, to construction companies owed over $750 million in unpaid taxes. One out of every six stimulus contract or grant dollars went to a tax cheat. Lovely fact, isn't that?

Michael Barone examines the Obama administration's "crony capitalism, bailout favoritism and gangster government."

Jennifer Rubin points out that if you want to see bipartisanship in Congress, check out the response yesterday to Netanyahu's speech.

Hmmm, three guess to figure out what accounts for this difference? Congress members who were defeated or retiring paid an average bonus to their officerworkers of about $4000, while those returning to Congress paid an average of $2300.

Shelby Steele suggests an argument for Republicans to use to pitch their approach to minorities: "Barack Obama believes in government; we believe in you."