Monday, May 23, 2011

Cruising the Web

I'm ashamed of my alma mater, UCLA, for the way that they're hounding out a professor simply because he had the temerity to blow the whistle on the lack of scientific foundation for the state's regulatory board on the environment. Go on over to CATO's site and watch the video that produced detailing this scandal.

Obama's appointees on the National Labor Relations Board
now want to to give unions even more control over their employers' decisions to relocate.

Herman Cain's performance on Fox News Sunday
demonstrates why we shouldn't get all dewy-eyed over someone running for president just because he gives good speeches or performs well in one debate. Cain went on the show and demonstrated that he had no idea what the "right of return" means in the context of negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians. I don't expect him to be well-briefed on every single foreign policy question, but this is a crucial question and was clearly going to be a topic of discussion given Obama's speech last week and Netanyahu's visit. But Cain was so clearly clueless on one of the fundamental questions that, in my mind, he forfeited his claim on the nomination. He ran for the Senate in 2004 and couldn't defeat Johnny Isakson in the the primary. Cain would do better to go back to Georgia and run again for some other office before thinking he can waltz right into the top job. Obama has demonstrated the dangers so promoting an amateur right into the top spot.

Rob Long explains how Herman Cain and Ron Paul are like the show "Arrested Development." Romney is more like "bones." If Mitch Daniels had run, he would have become "Law& Order: OMB."

Jay Cost tries to reassure Republicans that lagging party enthusiasm for the 2012 candidates isn't as big a problem as others are making it out to be.

Obama's top 10 foreign policy flubs.

Quin Hillyer looks at the numbers and concludes that Goodwin Liu might well have not even gotten over 50 votes if he hadn't been filibustered. I bet that those Democrats running next year in red states are glad that they didn't have to vote on his nomination.

President Obama says that "we're very proud" of Queen Elizabeth. How do we or he have any standing to have pride in the Queen of England? She's not our queen and we've done nothing to contribute to her rule. We can respect her, but we are in no position to have pride in her.

Chris Christie might repeatedly claim that he isn't running for president but that hasn't stopped the Obama campaign for trying to dig up dirt on him.

Stanley Crouch puts the smack-down
on Cornel West. West has made the ultimate transgression: criticize his "dear brother Barack Obama." Now the left is seeing him for the phony that he's always been.