Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cruising the Web

Here's a good idea. Rep. Denny Rehberg of Montana and Senator Marco Rubio have proposed a law that would require the federal government to use unspent grant money to federal debt retirement. When a state turns down federal money, it shouldn't just be spent elsewhere.

James Taranto
reads a Washington Post article about Mitch Daniels' marriage which ponders whether there would be a political problem to the fact that his wife left him in the 1990s to marry someone else and then divorced that man and returned to Daniels and they remarried. Taranto wonders why this would be a political problem. I think that, once people become aware of the story, Daniels would only benefit. The story is somewhat reminiscent of the movie Kramer vs. Kramer in that Daniels was left alone to raise the couple's four daughters. Well, in that movie, the audience sided with Dustin Hoffman struggling to raise his son rather than Meryl Streep. Otherwise, I can't see how it would be anything other than a curiosity if Daniels should choose to run.

First they went after Joe Camel. Now they've come for Ronald McDonald.

How long does it take to count votes in Wisconsin? It's still going on in the state Supreme Court election that occurred over a month ago. JoAnne Kloppenberg is so desperate that her lawyers have challenged votes from bags that had holes in them and have worked to disallow the votes of 18 cloistered nuns.

Obama can't explain why we should be bombing Libya and not Syria.

If Newt Gingrich continues with the delusion that he could win the GOP nomination, perhaps he can answer questions about why, a few years ago, he had a debt between a quarter and half-million dollars to Tiffanys.


mark said...

The story does make Daniels look like a decent guy, but it also feeds into the "wimp" demeanor that he presents (same with Harry Reid, a former boxer, and Dennis Kucinich). Unfair? Of course.

The bigger problem isn't with Mitch Daniels, but his wife. A woman who ditched her husband and her kids might not be an appealing First Lady. Will people want the Meryl Streep character in K v. K representing our country? Just as some demonized (and continue to demonize Michelle Obama), some will use her as a weapon against him.

tfhr said...


Do people judge your competency and character based on your wife? I don't have an opinion on Daniels or his wife but unless she has committed some sort of felony and escaped justice, I doubt very much I'll ever care about Mrs. Daniels.

I mean, it's not like she profited from some sort of dirty deals with cattle futures or "lost" her billing records while serving on a law firm while / because her husband was a governor. I suppose something like that could hurt her political future but it shouldn't impact his, if history is a guide.

mark said...

Thanks for proving my point. Conservatives did use Hillary to attack Bill Clinton, and for many things beyond Whitewater. Rush Limbaugh even attaced their daughter (calling Chelsea "the family dog")
I'm much more interested to see how Daniels handles his role in the failed presidency of Bush. Repubs will want to focus on his performance as governor; dems will have a field day with his years as budget director.

tfhr said...


Which budget director gets to tell Congress how to manage appropriations? Starting in 2007, did the White House budget director or any other budget director tell Nancy Pelosi what would be in her budget? Apparently nobody told her to do anything last year since she failed to even bring a budget to a vote. With both houses and the White House in Democrat hands, there was no budget brought before a vote. DISGRACEFUL. Was that Obama's idea or was he just unable to control his own party's misfits in Congress?

In managing a budget while governor, Daniels seems to have been pretty effective when most have failed. Do you really want to stack Obama's fiscal record against Daniels as an executive?

Pat Patterson said...

mark has a very short and very spotty record of the campaign in 1992. First the charges of Whitewater started in Arkansas as Democrats in tht state realized the AG was serious about investigating the kickbacks.

The first attacks against Ms Clinton came during the primaries by Harkin and Brown while the incident with Jennifer Flowers, true by the way, came about during the Democratic primary well before Clinton himself won the nomination. She certainly took her lumps later but her problems for the most part during both terms seemed mostly self-inflicted.