Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Cruising the Web

For those trying to figure out whether giving the gutsy order to send the SEALs in after Osama bin Laden will guarantee victory for Obama next year, Michael Barone reminds us that there is no one-for-one correlation between leading a country to military success and political victories. I suspect that next year people will be focused once more on the economy and that will be the determining facts underlying the election.

One other group that deserves praise in Sunday's takedown of OBL was the coordinated activities of our intelligence communities. We tend to focus on their failures, but should credit them when they achieve a major success.

Of course, there is a major irony that the intelligence that led to what may be Obama's finest moment as president came from the enhanced interrogation techniques that Obama has so often criticized. And the other delicious irony is that the group that carried out the raid, Naval Special Warfare Development Group is the same group that Seymour Hersh called "Dick Cheney's personal assassination squad.

Congratulations to the Canadian Conservative party which run a major victory in yesterday's elections. Meanwhile the Liberal party suffered a crushing defeat. And the Quebec separatist party, the Bloc Quebecois suffered what may have been a mortal blow.

The WSJ writes about Jimmy Carter's weird moral compass.

Wake County schools, the county where I live, has made a decision I wish more school districts would make - they've scrapped the whole "zero tolerance" approach to school discipline and insert a modicum of common sense.