Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Time for the adults to take over

Before you read all the hyperbolic demonization of Paul Ryan's budget plan, read Ryan's explanation of what he is doing. It is not a choice between Ryan's plan and some perfect plan that saves our future economy without making any of those nasty choices on entitlements. Our choice is between an impossible fiscal future and finding ways to avoid that disaster. As Tom Coburn writes in the Washington Post, "Congress can choose a path of prosperity over austerity but only if we act quickly. History, and future generations, will not be kind to those who sleep." I'm not optimistic. If they can't agree on the relatively small cuts proposed for the second half of this year's budget, how are they going to reach any agreement on such dramatic, but necessary reforms for every aspect of the federal budget?

We'll now see if Americans are ready for an adult conversation. The Democrats want to continue the fairy tale that they will save us through cutting those mythical entities: waste, fraud, and abuse. We've been hearing that for decades yet the spending keeps rising. We've spent ourselves into a corner and President Obama refuses to lead us out of this mess. He punted in hopes of being able to demagogue his way into reelection. Paul Ryan and Tom Coburn are two men who are willing to treat the American people as adults and take the political risks to address the disaster that is our nation's fiscal future. Bravo for them.