Friday, April 22, 2011

Cruising the Web

Here's a bizarre rationale for not getting rid of partisan gerrymandering - preserving continuity of representation. Hello? The whole point is to prevent one party from locking in preferable district lines forever without regard to changes in the population.

Remember how much fun reporters made of President Bush for not being able to list a mistake he'd made in his first term. Well, Obama can't seem to figure out any specific mistake either.

Politico goes through the history of birtherism. And it's as convoluted and conspiracy-minded as all the conspiracy theories that Bush knew about 9/11 ahead of time. And it's been supported by some of the same kooks. Any politician who jumps on that bandwagon is, in my opinion, disqualified from higher office just as a truther spouting theories about 9/11 should be disqualified. And it just adds one more reason to hope that Donald Trump and all his jabbering about Obama's birth certificate will go back to firing people on his reality show instead of participating in politics in the reality-based world.

And since turnabout is fair play, Salon puts out its definitive debunking of the Trig Trutherism conspiracy claims. Now can we just get beyond the desire to claim that someone with whom we disagree with politically is somehow illegitimate?

Check out Steven Crowder's take on those "edgy" comedians on Wonkette plus Louis CK who think that they're so courageous by attacking a special-needs child.

The GAO reports that
the federal government made $125 [Oops: I mean $125 billion] in "improper payments" in fiscal 2010. After decades of politicians pledging to root out "waste, fraud, and abuse," this is what we've come to.

One more example of what happens when a democracy doesn't have freedom of speech - comedians have to pay fines for offending favored identity groups.

Obama says that
change was tougher than expected. Well, anyone who knew anything about how Washington worked knew that. But then if Obama was truly surprised, he apparently knows neither American history nor how governmental politics operates. All he knew was how to get elected. Even my 10th graders know about how gridlock works.

Jay cost has an explanation
about why Obama's deficit speech didn't move the polls: Obama is just not that popular.

Charles Krauthammer handicaps the GOP race for 2012. I agree with him that Tim Pawlenty could be the last man standing. And I also agree that the GOP must be focused on making Obama and spending the issues in 2012 and thus avoid picking someone whose own record would distract from that focus.

And any conservative who is still flirting with a Donald Trump campaign, check out Michelle Malkin for his sorry history on attempting to seize private property to build more of his Trump Empire. Shouldn't conservatives be opposed to anyone who wants to use eminent domain to enrich himself?