Friday, April 15, 2011

Cruising the Web

Charles Krauthammer explains how adopting the proposal from the Simpson-Bowles Commission, which is also advocated in Paul Ryan's plan, to remove exclusions, deductions, credits, and loopholes from the tax system and then replace all of those with lower tax rates. That is what was done in 1986 in what was supposed to be a tax reform package for the ages. Twenty-five years later it is time to do so again.

Peter Wehner
explains why concentrating on birtherism is such a ludicrous trap for the GOP to be falling into. There are plenty of reasons to oppose Obama, conservatives don't need to add in conspiracy theories to delegitimize him.

Dana Milbank yearns
for the days when Nancy Pelosi was pulling Obama further to the left. Yup, this is what Washington needs right now - more Nancy Pelosi on center stage.

Politico reports that labor leaders are criticizing the President.
Yeah, but that won't keep them from mobilizing their forces and spending millions to reelect him.

Phil Gramm explains how Obama's policies
are slowing down economic growth and keeping the U.S. from recovering from the recession.

Mona Charen reminds us that, while Obama claims that our fiscal picture was hunky-dory until George W. Bush became president, the Clinton administration had been predicting the looming crisis from entitlement spending all throughout the 1990s. They just didn't do anything about it.
Steve Chapman makes the case for getting rid of all farm subsidies. If only. But too many states have big agricultural sectors of their economies so their elected politicians won't support cuts in all those subsidies. Perhaps we need something like the Base Realignment and Closing Commission to do the legislators' work for them.

While Obama talks lots of pretty rhetoric about bipartisanship, the only time he acts in a bipartisan manner is when he's forced to.

The Obama administration just rewarded Fiat with more ownership in Chrysler for building a car that no one has bought yet. And if the reviews of the car are any guide, no one will be buying it.

Jeff Jacoby reminds the history-challenged
about the myth of Herbert Hoover not doing anything to fight the Depression.

While Obama and the Democrats lie and demagogue that Paul Ryan's plan would leave seniors without health care, let's not forget that it was ObamaCare that raided Medicare to fund its own spending.

How a professional auctioneer would auction off our debt.

Charles Barkley has some advice
for college basketball players. Stay in school and don't jump to the NBA too soon.

Taco Bell tacos
made with a Nacho Cheese Doritos shell: what's not to like?


Johanna Lapp said...

What's not to like?
1) Taco Bell taco "meat"
2) petroleum-based cheese substitute
3) paprika-plus-salt "nacho cheese seasoning on the Dorito taco shell?

Pat Patterson said...

As if anybody that goes to Taco Bell cares a fig about what the actual ingredients are.

Locomotive Breath said...

Donald Trump is not "the GOP" and has enough money to tell everyone else to go to hell. That's what's fun to watch.

Stan said...


I don't care about the actual birth cert business, but I do think it is useful for an important reason. BO has hidden large parts of his life. [I've read several comments that he's spent a ton of money on legal fees to keep secrets (anyone got documentation on that?).]

Clearly, we have a news media that spent far more time and effort digging into Joe the Plumber's life than digging into BO's. That needs to change. If the birth cert gets the ball rolling, good. But the public is entitled to answers and BO hasn't delivered any at all.

tfhr said...


I hope you and yours were spared the effects of the storms that hit NC this weekend.

Betsy Newmark said...

Thank you very much. Yes, we are all fine and didn't have any damage from the tornadoes.