Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cruising the Web

Hillary Clinton gives a pusillanimous warning to dictators everywhere.

Ruth Marcus once again bewails the Where's Waldo Obama presidency.

Even CNN recognizes
that there just isn't enough money to be gotten from taxing the rich to rein in debt.

The promised Senate vote on Planned Parenthood funding will smoke out self-proclaimed "pro-life" Senate Democrats:Bob Casey, Ben Nelson,and Joe Manchin.

How Scott Walker saved union members money:
If Wisconsin union workers follow the pattern in other states, the vast majority of them will decline to voluntarily pay the $500 or $600 that has previously been automatically taken out of their paychecks in union dues. That is why the union leaders have been going to the mattresses to defeat the measure.

Alcohol doesn't help you drink
to forget your problems. It might make you remember them more.

Peter Ferrara and Phil Kerpen explain why
the model that successfully reformed welfare in 1996 is key to reforming Medicaid today. Today Medicaid is breaking state budgets. Obamacare has made it worse. Paul Ryan's proposal to block-grant Medicaid to the states will save the states money and also benefit the poor who need medical care.

Greece is descending into lawlessness. There are places where the government doesn't have sovereignty and cannot enforce the law.

Glenn Reynolds argues that if 18-year olds are old enough to fight
, pile up massive debt in college loans, marry, or vote, they are old enough to drink.

Michael Barone explains why it doesn't make sense
to complain about politicians bickering. This is how they negotiate - which is what people claim they want them to do.

We're still waiting for those
50 million climate refugees that the UN told us would be fleeing the effects of climate change by 2010.

Ah, the perils of being in the minority and then the majority. Other Democratic senators are having to explain why they voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006 as Obama did, but now are saying how cataclysmic it would be to vote against it today.

Jay Cost explains why he thinks that President Obama is "just plain bad at politics."

Philip Klein destroy the five defenses of RomneyCare that Mitt Romney and his supporters have advanced. I just don't see how Romney gets around this debacle to win the nomination.

John Hawkins interviews Thomas Sowell
about his book, Economic Facts and Fallacies, which just came out in a second edition. Sowell explodes some common misconceptions about the economy such as complaints about income inequality.