Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cruising the Web

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame gives advice to students who would like to become entrepreneurs. He explains how his experiences in college helped him figure out how to get what he wants by leveraging his own special skills to get what he wanted.

How the right has claimed the reformist mantle and the left has become the reactionary ideology.

Jeff Sessions is right.
Don't pay attention to the President's speech tomorrow night unless he also releases an actual budget plan with numbers that can be scored by the CBO. Otherwise, it's all rhetoric with no real substance behind it.

Ed Morrissey points to this ludicrous commentary by ESPN writer Kevin Blackistone who is upset that Obama isn't siding with the NFL players or, as he calls them. "the league's proletariat." Apparently, it is just one small jump from Martin Luther King speaking out for Memphis garbage workers to the President standing up for NFL players many of whom, Blackistone is "Well below $1 million."

The problems behind the "do nothing" approach to the budget.

Michael Barone explains why Boehner won on the budget showdown. Boehner realized that the Republicans and tea partiers care less about cultural issues than the feminist left and their allies in the Democratic Party.

Why the basic math of Obama's plans to balance the budget and reform entitlements won't work
if his major innovation is to raise taxes on the rich. There aren't enough rich to crack the deficit. And tax hikes of the size that Obama might like to make would have a concomitant effect of slowing economic activity. So not only would such plans retard the economic recovery, but it wouldn't raise the type of money necessary to lower the deficit.

If you still believe that we can substantially lower the deficit by substantially raising the marginal rates for "the rich," check out the basic arithmetic done by this reader of Megan McArdle.

President Obama admits a mistake.
Darn it, he just wishes he hadn't politicized his vote against raising the debt ceiling in 2006.

There are serious obstacles to Obama's efforts
to reposition himself as a centrist - and all of them are there in his actual record.

Here's a look at what the leftist wing of the Democratic Party would like to do with the budget. If they got their wishes, they'd be raising taxes all over the place and then take that money to spend on another huge stimulus-sort of bill on liberal-favored projects rather than on reducing the deficit.

Today is the fifty-year anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's historic flight.

Explaining why there is no male-female wage gap. It's a myth whipped up by feminists who depend on people not being able to understand the statistics they base their claims on.