Monday, April 11, 2011

Cruising the Web

George Shultz explains why we should get rid of all the czars in the executive branch.

My husband brings us
the comedic stylings of Jonathan Chait.

Rich Lowry has a slogan for the Republicans as we debate Paul Ryan's budget plan. "Fine, what's yours?"

Robert Samuelson explains how government is doing too much and how this makes any sort of reform almost impossible. We just expect it to do too much.

Here is a cogent explanation of why we shouldn't abolish the Electoral College.

Minnesota has to cut a lot of money from education spending, but there is still money to send teachers to a "White Privilege Conference, whatever that is. But judging from their 2009 conference, it has absolutely nothing to do with true education.

Progressives are whining
that the Tea Party is "kicking their butts."

Some proposed slogans for the Obama 2012 campaign. Here are some of my favorites:
*Change We Need, and That I Promised Four Years Ago, Except in the Areas Where I Continued Bush's Policies, or Where Through No Fault of My Own Things Got Worse, Because Let's Face It Not All Change is For the Better - Not That You Should Dwell

* If You Vote For Me Only Once You're a Racist

*I Finally Got Some of That Experience You Were Bitching About

*Confident Smugness For An Uncertain World

*Give Me a Second Chance, And I'll Prove You Are Worthy of Me

*No Matter What Crisis I Cause, I Will Remain Serenely Above It