Thursday, April 07, 2011

Cruising the Web

Here's a new target for the left: moms who clip coupons. Somehow that is now selfishness.

Sadly, JoAnne Kloppenburg has pulled into the a small lead in the Wisconsin judicial race. Now we'll have a recount. Republicans are pessimistic about how they'll do in any recount. We'll see if Wisconsin is any more pristine than Minnesota or Florida in conducting a recount. Already, miscellaneous accusations of voter fraud are surfacing. Wisconsin, with its same-day registration rules accompanied by no photo id is ripe for such fraud to occur.

Harry Reid throws a hissy fit about the GOP plan for a one-week CR that would keep the funding for the troops going through the end of September. Somehow this is terribly irresponsible. This is mighty fine coming for the leader of the party who decided not to pass a budget last year when he had an overwhelming majority in both houses. That's the reason we're in this fix to begin with.

How convenient. Both the Washington Post and CBS are receiving grants from Obamacare to pay for their early retirement fund. The money comes from a $5 billion grant program for selected companies, states, and labor unions chosen by the Obama administration. Isn't that nice that the Obama administration gets to pick out their own choices to get this money and help out such administration supporters as GE, GM, AFL-CIO, AFSME, and the UMW. And then HHS refuses to give out information about how they're deciding who gets to receive that money. Can you imagine if the Bush administration had done something similar and shoveled money to oil companies and Fox News?

One liberal marvels at the fact that her best friend is a conservative Republican.

Laura Ingraham revisits Debby Wasserman-Schultz's hypocrisy on civility in political speech.

This is one of the most powerful arguments that Paul Ryan is making: "What if the president and your representative saw it coming and could have prevented it from happening?" Ryan said. "What would you think of them if they didn't?"

Ryan's reforms for Medicare
are setting the reform agenda. The Democrats are arguing a false choice as if the choice is between Ryan's plan and a free lunch. They want to ignore how Medicare is heading towards insolvency.

Jimmy Carter was his usual disgraceful self in his recent visit to Cuba.

The Washington Post chides Nancy Pelosi's "absurd math."

What better way to ease the tension of a government shutdown than for the female members of the Congressional Black Caucus to go shopping at a local boutique with Rep. Corrine Brown?

And while President Obama says how urgent it is to avoid a government shutdown, he headed out of town to pay tribute to Al Sharpton. Yup, that's more important.

Jacob Weisberg defends
Paul Ryan's plan on Medicare and Jennifer Rubin explains why his plan for Medicare is not a radical.