Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Cruising the Web

Paul Ryan is the guy who is actually trying to save the social safety net while the Democrats are the ones who are endorsing the risky option endangering that security. Their policies are the ones that are piling up trillions of debt and putting us on an unsustainable path while refusing any reform of entitlements. If Republicans can get that message across, they'll be able to challenge the conventional wisdom that the Democrats are the only ones who care about the safety net.

Democratic adviser Doug Shoen begs the President to become a leader on budgetary reform. For example, he could embrace the recommendations of his own deficit commission. Sorry, Obama has voted present.

If Eric Holder were truly outraged about not being able to try KSM in front of a civilian jury, he should have resigned.

David Brooks thinks
that Ryan's budget proposal will set the debate for the next two years. And the ball is now in Obama's court. Obama has a choice between coming up with his own counter-proposals or resorting to dishonest demagoguery. Brooks is doomed to disappointment. Thee man he once supported for the presidency will, when in doubt, pick demagoguery rather than a serious approach to government spending.

But then Mickey Kaus thinks Ryan's plan is a "near-suicdal act leading Republicans off the cliff" because seniors will reject anything that changes Medicare as it is now. Sigh. He might be right, but seniors are protected under Ryan's plan. It is the rest of the population that will have to adapt to the fiscal realities of Medicare's unsustainability.

Some of the NFL players on strike, who are under 26 years old, are going to use Obamacare to go on their parents' health care plan while they wait for the new NFL contract to be negotiated.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court race is heading into a recount with Judge David Prosser leading the union backed- candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg by less than 600 votes. Keep your fingers crossed.

All those young people still excited about Barack Obama need to realize that the alternative to a plan such as Paul Ryan's is that they will have to face 88% tax increases to pay for the spending the government will be facing in their future.

Italian art researchers are going to dig up the bones of the woman who is believed to be the model of the "Mona Lisa." What do they hope to discover - what her smile looked like?