Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Cruising the Web

Jim Geraghty analyzes the Obama campaign announcement video. Notice that there is no achievement of the Obama presidency that they can point to. We're still being told to celebrate the idea of Obama rather than anything he's actually accomplished.

Niall Ferguson looks at the increasingly dark future of the European Union. If the German voters get sick of holding up the rest of Europe, the disintegration will accelerate.

Does a ruling by a Michigan judge
that Michigan educators can't be required to have deductions from their paychecks to pay for their retirement health care benefits is unconstitutional since the benefits can't be guaranteed mean that the Social Security deductions from our paychecks are likewise unconstitutional?

How typical that the criticism that Matt Yglesias would pull out for Ryan's Medicare reforms is that it's racist. Is it just reflexive with these people to cry racism when they don't like something or someone?

Now that Richard Goldstone, the former South African judge who voted to uphold apartheid with hangings and whippings, had weaseled out an apology for his blood libel report on Israel, will the United Nations follow suit? Just phrasing the question will evoke bitter laughter.

Could Israel become the newest energy giant? One can but hope.

Even John Kerry and Max Baucus would like Obama to be a grownup
and show leadership on getting the Colombia Free Trad Agreement approved.


pumping-irony said...

Celebrate the idea of Obama? How quaint. Let's ask an expert on the matter: ”Maybe one day he’ll do something to merit all this attention,” - Michelle Obama (Quoted in “Game Change”)

Still waitin'.

LarryD said...

If Israel become a serious energy exporter, it will be interesting to watch the "social" dynamics that follow. How much antisemitism is pandering for oil, and how much is real?

mark said...

The irony of Ryan's budget is that there will be increased premiums for higher-income medicare recipients. Isn't that an anathema to conservatives? If taxing the wealthy higher rates is socialism, why is charging the wealthy more for healthcare acceptable?

tfhr said...


Ryan's plan does not eliminate the element of competition amongst plans as is the case with the bloated and costly alternative of Obamacare.

The competition between insurance providers will help lower costs by allowing seniors to shop for the best program instead of having a government "expert" make that choice for them by reducing the number of available options.

Further, Ryan's plan is directed at keeping Medicare solvent, something Obamacare does not do, as evidenced by it's need to cut $500 billion out of Medicare to fund our President's "plan". Those already 55 or older are not going to be affected by the change. For those of us under 55, we can shop, through private insurers or exchanges, for the best deal for our needs. This will allow Medicare to provide for those truly in need or unable to adjust to needed changes before we've come to the point wherein unfunded liabilities incurred through Social Security and Medicare finally drives the country into bankruptcy.