Monday, April 04, 2011

Cruising the Web

Oops! Interior Secretary Ken Salazar vastly overstates an announcement about opening up a sale of Wyoming coal by a factor of ten.

Unbelievable! NYU is having a guest speaker, a professor from Rutgers, whose argument is that Josef Stalin was “one of the greatest heroes of modern history.” When historians debate how many deaths of his own citizens Stalin was responsible for with estimates ranging from about 10 to 50 million, calling him a great hero of modern history is so upside down that we have to wonder what Rutgers is thinking of to give this guy a job and why NYU would invite him to their campus. Do they also invite in Holocaust deniers?

Ed Morrissey thinks that the White House anti-bullying initiative should take a look at the unions in Wisconsin.

Jimmy Carter is back again to be a useful idiot for his "friend," Fidel Castro.

Randy Barnett explains
the ludicrous logic about the federal government mandating people buy health insurance. It's a slippery slope.

Hmmmm. Google's CEO wants Google to remove from its search engine information about his political donation to Barack Obama.

Here's a story
about what some dedicated students led by one of my colleagues at my school have been doing to help the blues stay alive in our state.