Monday, March 21, 2011

Just to clarify things

Some of you might have received a spam email from me asking you to wire me money because I was stuck in the UK. As you can probably guess, someone hacked into my gmail account and stole my address book.

I am still safe in Raleigh, NC and I don't need money. My students got all excited about this when they got the spam email until I explained to them that, if I were in desperate need of money, I wouldn't be hitting up 10th graders to help me out.

Thank you to all who wrote to inquire.


Karl said...

So far, I've gotten e-mails allegedly from two friends who were stuck in the UK and needed money.

Both of them had friends in the UK who were much closer and in a much better position to help. And both of them were clever enough to realize that if they could get online to send me e-mail, they could get online to access their bank accounts online and get their own money.

equitus said...

Yeah, like I'd be the first person a schoolteacher whose blog I read would contact for help. Gimme a break.

Rick Caird said...

Well, how else was Betsy going to get to Nigeria to claim her share of the windfall?

Duffy said...

Hey guys, I'm currently stuck in the UK. If all of you could just empty your bank accounts and wire me the money that'd be great. I'll pay you back next Tuesday. Swear.

Pat Patterson said...

At one of the schools I work at I have a sneaking suspicion that the tenth graders do have more money than the teachers.