Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cruising the Web

A new generation thinks that typewriters are cool or something. They like being forced to type slower. Next they'll be looking to buy old wringer/mangles to wash their clothes.

What a surprise, the N.C. governor's hiring and wage freeze doesn't quite freeze pay and hiring. You see that a Wine and Grape Council marketing specialist is an emergency position.

Jennifer Rubin highlights the President's blatant hypocrisy in his pretense of enunciating a coherent energy policy. John Hinderaker explains how Obama is deceiving with a selective use of statistics. The WSJ explains how empty his "use it or lose it" proposal really is.

The secret for Detroit schools may be to follow
the model of New Orleans and turn public schools into charters.

The FCC is trying to do an end run
around Congress in order to regulate political speech.

How perfectly emblematic that Obama accepted his "transparency" award in a secret presentation ceremony.

The Wisconsin State Employees Union is sending letters
to Wisconsin businesses threatening their businesses with boycotts if they don't publicly endorse public employees against the state government. Nice little protection racket they have going.

Andrew Ferguson,
author of the hit story of applying to college, Crazy U, describes what happens when our little darlings get accepted into their dream school and goes for the accepted students campus visits. Be prepared to hear wonderful things about the food court, the exercise rooms, the dorm amenities. Academics...not so much.

James Taranto reaches back to biology to explain how MediaMatters has a commensal relationship with Fox News. MediaMatters benefits and Fox is unaffected.

Even in California, politicians are realizing that they have to come to grips with the public employee unions.

Aaron Worthing highlights this horrifying story of a 14-year old Bangladeshi girl who was raped by her cousin and then died after the local imam sentenced her to receive 101 lashes for adultery.