Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cruising the Web

A black activist confronts Bill Ayers and exposes his lies about the performance of charter schools.

Rich Lowry explains why it is deceptive to use the expense of Tomahawk missiles to complain about the action in Libya.

Southern autoworkers just don't seem to be interested
in being unionized.

Harry Reid hosts a rally to make sure that Congress keeps its "Hands Off Social Security." Remember. If the Democrats are in power, their stated position is to do nothing about the untenable position we're in with our entitlement programs. And Social Security is supposed to be the easier problem to fix.

Indiana Democrats seem to have surrendered and returned home. Despite their declarations of victory, they didn't get much different from what was already agreed to before they left the state. Apparently, it doesn't poll well for legislators to flee to a neighboring state in order to block actions by the majority. Who'd have thought that?

Here's a question that will eventually reach the Supreme Court. Is the 2005 Stolen Valor Act which makes it a federal crime to falsely claim to have earned military medals an unconstitutional limitation on the freedom of speech. Is lying protected speech? It wouldn't be for a corporation making false claims about its products or its earnings. Eugene Volokh submitted an amicus brief in another case on the Stolen Valor Act. Expect that this case will reach the Court some time, because they usually like to review an appeals court decision striking down a federal law. Of course, this would require the Obama administration to appeal the Ninth Circuit decision.

The EU is taking action to make sure people don't drive cars in their cities. They also want to end cheap flights between Britain and southern Europe and force people to take part of the journey by rail.


Davod said...

"Is lying protected speech? It wouldn't be for a corporation making false claims about its products or its earnings."

What about the US government?

I remember Fox liberal commentator Bob Beckel saying that we cannot hold the fraudulent Obama healthcare advertisements to the honesty standard because they were advertisments.

mark said...

Bill Ayers isn't the only one being taken to task. Looks like Michelle Ree may be a fraud:


tfhr said...


Is it easier to attempt to switch the topic or shift the focus than to deal with the charges regarding Ayers?

It must be or otherwise you wouldn't do it.

Pat Patterson said...

Ms Rhee does have some explaining to do on the odd result from the one school but te rest of the piece is opinion and in one instance contradictory. Ms Ravitch claims that the NAEP score rose at the same rate during the previous superintendents incumbency but then notes that she closed some schools and laid off may teachers.

So Ms Rhee proved her point in that the district was bloated and the continued loss of high performing children of middle class families, black and white, was not leaving the district with the worst students at all.