Monday, March 28, 2011

Cruising the Web

Why is the Red Cross sheltering Hamas officials in Jerusalem?

John Kasich demonstrates why and how he's going to bring real reform to Ohio. If only he'd been involved in Ohio governance for the past ten years instead of being off earning a living at Fox, perhaps Ohio wouldn't be in the position it is today. And Republicans would have a more exciting entry into the 2012 race than we're facing today.

The President's support for the United Nations and its ridiculous Human Rights Council tells us all we really need to know about Obama's position on human rights in other countries such as Iran.

Fred Barnes explains why the Republicans shouldn't throw away the strong hand they have by getting impatient on their demands for this year's budget.

The showdown on the EPA is coming to a head this week. Harry Reid is scrambling because it looks like there enough Democrats to support the Republicans' efforts to deprive the EPA the power to regulate carbon without any direction from Congress.

Environmentalists are blocking developing green energy, the supposed favorites of environmentalists. They're blocking the wind farms and solar power plants. The cognitive dissonance is maddening.

Is Media Matters violating its nonprofit status by targeting Fox News because they think that Fox is basically a Republican outlet?

I'm sorry, Kevin Kline, but Edwin Stanton was not the Civil War's Dick Cheney. Geesh! Where do people come up with these ideas?

Now this is something for North Carolinians to really worry about. We might lose our status as the Confederate state to have lost the most soldiers in the Civil War. As a citizen, I'm sure that spending state money to comb through the records to come up with a more authoritative count is well worth it, right?

It sounds like a safe bet that Donald Trump is just scamming us about his intention to run. Even for more than $184.27

Check out this list of loony tunes who were in the leadership of the London marches and riots this past weekend.

Guess which set of states is growing and which is losing population: those with low taxes and right to work laws or those with high taxes and strong public unions? And as populations shift out of states, who is going to provide the tax base for all the public spending that the politicians have been piling up? Just asking.

Even the Washington Post is confused
about the logic of President Obama encouraging Brazil's deep-sea drilling for oil while blocking such drilling by American companies in American waters.

My husband answers those who seem to be arguing that since building codes helped preserve buildings after Japan's earthquake, that all conservative economics has now been discredited.

I see that NC State has found a way to solve its budgetary woes. They're going after Loyola for using the Wolfpack for their sports teams. Apparently, they think that they're the only ones that can use the Wolfpack for their sports teams.

Ten things that Libya tells us about Barack Obama. None of it particularly good.


Rod said...

Ed was a Dem. A very unique Dem -he was against slavery. He hated Abe in 60 because Abe was a foremr Whig. Heloved Abe aftger the War started because they were both against Slavery
Johnson was a Sojutherner who claied to be a "War Dem". Heinfact suppoprted the whites in the CSA after the end of theWar. Which is why heand Ed were ate each others throats. Ed was ableto get enough friends in the lower house to Impeach Johnson. The upper house lacked 1 vote of ridding EWd of his enemy.

I have aquired oall of this info from familyh history as Ed was me great x 3 uncle. and like him i WAS A "CONSERVATIVE" (ACTUALLY CLASSICAL LIBERAL) DEM.
another ofmy great x # uncles was the US Army Surgeon General and I have a copy of his commission signed bye both Uncle Ed and someguy named Abe hangingon a wall in my house.

Rod Stanton
Rod Stanton

ic said...

"Even the Washington Post is confused about the logic of President Obama encouraging Brazil's deep-sea drilling for oil"

WaPo is confused because it's ignoring the monster donkey in the room. Sugar Daddy Soros has taken a huge stake in Petrobra just before Obama gave $20 billion of our money to help Brazil's Super Oil to find oil, the Super Oil that is majority owned by the Brazil govt. At home, he has to appease the environmentalists, in Brazil, he can pay back his sugar daddy. Besides, the less oil produced here, the higher the oil prices, the higher Petrobra's profits, the higher Sugar Daddy Soros' take, the higher his "contributions" to his favorite politicians, the more taxpayers' money kicked back to him... Soros' perpetual money making machine.

Advice to WaPo: follow the money, the greedy American taxpayers' money, where it goes, what deserving poor souls it helps... a few examples: GE(which pays no taxes), Google(which pays 2% tax), George Soros(who receives billions laundered thru Petrobra), Al Gore (for his huge stake in the tiny Spanish "green" energy that produces no energy but receives billions of American taxpayers' stimulus money)... Every seemingly illogical policy becomes the only possible policy.

pumping-irony said...

Y, ic is correct, Obama's policies are confusing only if one takes what he says at face value. Once you understand his words are empty, a con game for the credulous, then everything makes sense. Nuance.

Pat Patterson said...

Soros made some money up to last money on his Petrobas investment but in spite of what is often repeated has sold his stake because Brazil was trying to repatriate the profit and was planning on diluting the value of the share held privately. $20 billion, gee why not claim $200 billion since not one dime of that loan guarantee from the Ex-Im Bank(only $300 million) has been used. Plus that bank gets zero money from Congress but loans out the money or uses it to guarantee risky loans but the source is simply its own working capital.