Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cruising the Web

Governor Walker might have gotten all the attention, but even stronger limitations on public employee unions are passing into law in Ohio.

President Obama might disdain unilateralism, but can't he at least be competent at multilateralism?

Perhaps Donald Trump is doing a favor for other Republican presidential nominees by playing the role of birther buffoon.

Perhaps the Tsars' Amber Room has been located.

Earth to Reuters: When Palestinians set off a bomb at a Jerusalem bus stop, it is not just Israelis who call that a "terrorist attack."

Ed Morrissey terms Obama's lack of leadership the "empty office presidency."

In its eagerness to make it clear that our efforts in Libya are not a "war," the White House national advisers come up with a new euphemism: "kinetic military action."

The Chevy Volt is this generation Ford Edsel. The big difference is that the Volt wouldn't exist without taxpayer subsidies.

A judge decides that if seniors are entitled to a government benefit such as Medicare, they are obligated to accept it and they don't have the right to turn it down and buy their own private insurance plan. What a topsy turvy worldview.

The Obama administration wants to hijack the Highway Trust Fund so they can use it for high-speed rail and a national infrastructure bank.


mark said...

I share concerns about how Obama has handled this (especially a seeming lack of long-term planning), but for anyone here to talk about incompetency is a bit audacious. Thousands of American soldiers and about 100,000 Iraqis are dead because of the incompetence and lies of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. And you folks went along like good little dittoheads. Bush was even duped into allowing Gaddafi into our good graces. Imagine, negotiating with a terrorist.
On the other hand, kudos to Betsy for criticizing Trump for being a birther. Given that half the posters here are birthers, calling them "buffoons" took some courage.

Pat Patterson said...

Birthers, buffoons and lies. Wow, deja vu to 2003 all over again. Dittoheads? Poor mark has completely lost the bottle and morphed into the unlamented Tacitus Voltaire. BTW, Gaddafi gave up his nuclear and chemical warfare facilities and plans to return to "...our good graces."

tfhr said...


When has the Middle East not been in violent turmoil? Was it a placid lake of tranquility prior to 2003? Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and the Sudan have all had violent, murderous periods during the last 30 years. Add Iran and the scope and scale multiplies.

It would seem to me that the downfall of one tyrant, Saddam Hussein, may have some part in the wide spread spate of uprisings against traditional Arab "leadership". Your strident hostility toward Bush aside, wouldn't it be something if more Arabs had a chance for self determination? Or would that be a bad thing? I'm sure you would not want to deny the opportunity to throw off the shackles of military dictatorships, monarchs, and the like. Many died in the process of riding Iraq of one such dictator just as millions died to rid Germany and it's conquered lands of one world history's worst dictators. Was that wrong?

It is tragic that so many may die in such a struggle but it is shameful to seek only partisan political opportunity in the midst of what could prove to be an opportunity to bring lasting peace to parts of the Middle East. It doesn't take long to see that without strong American leadership, no "coalition" of European powers can work toward a unified goal. The goal should be to eliminate a man that has murdered hundreds, if not thousands of Americans. Gaddafi has directly engaged in terror attacks with his own state apparatus and funded many, many others through proxies around the world.

Your bizarre default position of accusing Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et. al, of "incompetence and lies", because it suited your narrow political goal to advance the interests of the next Democrat seeking higher office, makes me wonder how you would have judged Roosevelt, Truman, or Stimson, had you been alive during the Second World War. If you want to argue that we entered that war at the appropriate time in terms of preparation, that it was executed flawlessly, efficiently, or without lasting "unexpected" consequences, I eagerly await your answer.

As for the man that you helped elect to the highest office on the globe. Does it surprise you that a community organizer is having some difficulty exerting himself as a leader when it comes to the very difficult and always unpopular task of fighting this nation's wars? Nevertheless, he is there now and I only hope that he has not failed to grasp the importance of this opportunity and that he does not continue to shirk his place as the leader of the West and that he will act decisively to remove Gaddafi.