Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cruising the Web

Governor Walker might have gotten all the attention, but even stronger limitations on public employee unions are passing into law in Ohio.

President Obama might disdain unilateralism, but can't he at least be competent at multilateralism?

Perhaps Donald Trump is doing a favor for other Republican presidential nominees by playing the role of birther buffoon.

Perhaps the Tsars' Amber Room has been located.

Earth to Reuters: When Palestinians set off a bomb at a Jerusalem bus stop, it is not just Israelis who call that a "terrorist attack."

Ed Morrissey terms Obama's lack of leadership the "empty office presidency."

In its eagerness to make it clear that our efforts in Libya are not a "war," the White House national advisers come up with a new euphemism: "kinetic military action."

The Chevy Volt is this generation Ford Edsel. The big difference is that the Volt wouldn't exist without taxpayer subsidies.

A judge decides that if seniors are entitled to a government benefit such as Medicare, they are obligated to accept it and they don't have the right to turn it down and buy their own private insurance plan. What a topsy turvy worldview.

The Obama administration wants to hijack the Highway Trust Fund so they can use it for high-speed rail and a national infrastructure bank.